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IT Based Technique To Save Water

Water is a precious resource and needs to be saved whenever possible. While every day thousands of gallons of water are wasted amid the daily water consumption. Technology has now made it possible to save at least some part of the huge amount of water wasted. This will result in not just the conservation of a huge natural resource, which is depleting fast but also saves on your water bills. Some of the areas where water can be saved include showers, lawn irrigation, and even toilets. Some of the water fixtures like bathroom faucets, showers and toilets can also save water.

Save Water Tips: How To Save Water

Saving the Rainwater through Smart Irrigation

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Collecting rainwater in your residential premises and using it for your own purpose is a great idea. The water here can be collected either through mechanized irrigation systems or manually. Using the rain barrel for water collection and then getting it into a cistern or an underground tank is a good idea. But alternatively, you can opt for tanks that often come with controls, sensor-based or manual. Some of the more advanced ones also come with mechanisms for removing dead leaves and other debris. Removal of the debris keeps the water fresh and clean. It also comes with a filter that ensures that almost 95% of the clean water gets collected in another storage tank.

Reusing Grey Water

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Grey water is actually all the wastewater that goes from the sink and shower. This can be reused in the flush and also for irrigation. Technology has come up with such an option. Water systems have been created that filters the grey water and disinfects it prior to reusing it. The system can also use the heat from the warm waters to heat up the fresh water. The statistics of the system is available in your palm with the help of an app that provides complete usage information. This water system can be hugely advantageous in saving on the electricity and water bill.

Smart System to take care of leaks

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Leaks increase the amount of water wastage. But with the help of home manufacturers, it is easy to track down a leak anywhere in the water pipes. These can be connected to your Smartphone which means you get instant messages whenever there is a leak and can attend to it even in your tight schedule. Some of the high-end water systems have to be fixed into the main water pipe. These can detect leaks by measuring the flow and can even stop the water flow if there is a leak. In the case of long flows, it can inform you even if you are away from home.

Toilet Tank Bags

It is a smart insert that ensures you save water with every flush in the cistern. These bags are hassle-free installation and need to be placed in the tank only. You can fill them halfway or more but still end up saving a lot of water.

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Investing in these smart systems can help save a lot of water and save the environment. There are ways where technology will help conserving and saving the nature. Do let us know in case you better ideas and projects. Let us all prosper together.


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