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Crossy Road Guide: Tips And Tricks To Win Every Game

After a hectic schedule, we all need some recreation. There are multiple ways to you fresh but among of them games are the best medium because with the fun they make us tactful and creative. There are numerous types of games for our enjoyment. If you are an iPhone user and wanna play a game with lots of obstacles then Crossy Road is the best choice for you. Here we will discuss the tips and tricks to play crossy road.

Crossy Road is considered as the topmost addictive game on the app store. If you ever played Froggy game then you would easily play this game because it comes with the same style. Your motive is to grab coins to escape from hurdles. You have to save yourself from drowning, hitting by a vehicle or grab by a hawk. You need lots of practice to be the master of this game. For guiding you I am here with the Crossy Road Guide.

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Crossy Road Tips and Tricks You have to follow for Higher Scores

If you are a newbie and wanna reach the higher level in the crossy road then below description would assist you to do so. So observe carefully before diving into the gameplay of crossy road.

You need to look forward besides at your character

When you run on the crossy road then you must focus forward not on your character. If you are focusing on your character then you would not be aware of coming hurdles. Always look ahead. Landscape mode is the best mode to play and before starting to spend a few minutes to examine the stage layout. You should be always near the midway of the stage and always determine your jumps. Give your best for grabbing coins for unlocking new characters.

Always tap behind your character

Everyone has their own style to play a game comfortably but you must consider while playing this game that you should tap behind your character otherwise, your view would unclear. In another case, if you tap excessively far on one or other side then it would be considered the side swap. You can also below and towards of the screen as these taps will neither uncertain your view nor considered as a side swap.

Don’t feel hesitation in taking a backtrack

Another noticeable thing is that many times you back into a region because you think that you don’t have proper time to cross. But you can cross and backtrack yourself. You have to just wait for the favorable opportunity.

Jump across roads at the time of heavy traffic

This situation looks pretty tricky when you have to cross dangerous lanes with plenty of vehicles. As the car passes near you at that time you have to jump. You can easily get to the next lane before getting close to the car’s bumper.

Don’t stay at a spot too long

You must keep moving and not stay at a place for too much time or jump backward three rows from your present position. In that scenario, the anxious hawks will come so you have to move continuously. If you notice that the screen is moving upwards then it is the sign of the eagle’s entry.

Keep a sight on police cars

While running in crossy roads you will notice some blue and red flights passing along with the screen. This is the strong sign that a policeman is a rubric your path. This is the most dangerous obstacle that can damage your stage. You have to move as soon as possible while you noticed that vehicles.

Hold down the screen for escaping from the accidents

In case you unwillingly tap and you desire to stop your character to move forward then you need to hold your finger down the screen. In this way, your character will remain in the same position.

Purchase the piggy bank

You must consider that you buy a piggy bank. You can grab 1000 coins instantly with the piggy bank. 100 coins have the potential to take 10 turns on prize machine and also open new characters.

Don’t stick up with coins

As you all know that you can unlock new characters with coins in the crossy road. They don’t have any other importance besides unlocking characters. If you watch trailers in the mid for grabbing coins then it is not good for you. This is called the bad move and can be your biggest mistake. So take a sight on your path and try to achieve those coins which occur during your track.

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Never miss the opportunity for race

In crossy road there are many occasions when you get the chance to run through different at a time. This is the simplest method to go for high scores. It is very important to identify those changes. For finding them you have to examine the whole gameplay area. You have to just tap madly after noticing an opening in a freeway. Make sure you don’t commit the overshoot.

Don’t go near the river

You have to focus on the flow of the river and the position of white water break on each side. The game would be over if you accidentally passed through the white water break on any side. So always try to remain in the center of the gameplay because here you can pass the river safely. In case you have to pass to a side then you must follow the patterns and jump as fast as you can. Don’t be hesitate to go back if you don’t get any appropriate route.

Always follow the patterns

In every scenario, each part of the traffic and the river go behind a unique pattern. In that case, you have to utilize your senses to understand the patterns. For this, you have to observe the traffic flow and the moving speed of different lanes. When you start looking at all these things then you can easily predict where to proceed through. One of the toughest tasks is that you don’t focus on the things which come in your path immediately.

You don’t need to expend real money

One of the best crossy road tips. This game provides you free prizes on the regular basis and you can grab coins during the gameplay. No doubt by paying real money you can buy new characters quickly but if you have patience you can grab them free. With patience, you can save your money and enjoy the more challenges.

Wrap Up

In short, you can say that crossy road is full of challenges and give you an opportunity to use your mental muscles. This game also makes you attentive. So go ahead by following this crossy road tips and guideline and definitely you must achieve the higher level. Still, any query regarding these tricks then comments below if you wanna know about any specific game, ask us. Also, share your experiences if you have ever played crossy road.


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