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What Are the Various Language Learning Methods in Pimsleur?

Learning new languages has become highly important during these times when the world is connected through numerous mediums. With the rising demand for language learning, apps like Pimsleur have become extremely useful.

In this write-up, we focus on understanding the various methods by which Pimsleur assists us in learning a new language. It is interesting to note that the technology has advanced to the extent that you can choose your preferred mode of learning. Pimsleur developers understood the grave need to cater to an audience with specific requirements for learning a new language.

Pimsleur is basically an advanced language learning app that focuses on swift learning. You can expect to become conversational from the very first lesson. If you are too busy or constantly on the move, you can use its driving mode (specially designed for the car).

If you are an intermediate or beginner language learner, Pimsleur can be of great help. Here are the various learning methods this app uses:

Audio Lessons

Learning a new language can become very easy when listening to how native speakers pronounce and communicate. Pimsleur app has audio lessons that help you study native language real-life conversations. The duration of each audio is around 30 minutes, which is good since it would keep things interesting.

What’s more exciting is that the developers of this app have kept badges that you can earn after completing the lessons. One can easily keep track of their learning through these badges. Additional features such as the one that shows you the skills you have practiced (speaking, meet and greet, polite phrases, etc.) are also interesting.

Offline Learning and Driving Mode

Other interesting methods of learning offered by the Pimsleur app are offline and driving modes. When using Pimsleur, you can download the lessons and complete them offline. If you think about it, this can prove to be very handy when you do not have internet access all the time.

The driving mode is developed for the car and can be used to learn a new language when you are driving. Compared to other apps, this is one of the unique features you could have wanted.

Digital Flashcards

Every lesson has a digital flashcard section that can help you review what you have learned. It would include words or phrases. One of the best things about the digital flashcard method is that the answers are in native pronunciation. You can even learn difficult words with ease.

When you read the card, you can check your answer by tapping on the app, which would reveal the correct answer. You can also review your answers at the end of each session. Simple yet very effective when it comes to learning a new language.

Speed Rounds

In a language learning app, audio and visual-based learning are pretty common. What’s not common is having a game that helps you speed up your language learning. Pimsleur allows you to play speed rounds where you are supposed to identify the vocabulary that you learned so far in your lessons.

When you start speed rounds, the words will start falling from the top, and you have until they hit bottom to choose the translation. It is more like a mental exercise that helps you learn faster and in a fun way.

SpeakEasy Challenges

When you learn a new language, you need to ensure that you can use it in real-life. The speakeasy method of Pimsleur allows you to role-play and listen and repeat each side of the conversation. Practicing in such a way allows you to speak a new language confidently in real life.

The speakeasy section is scripted, and some might find it slow. Since you are only supposed to read out the words shown on the screen, you are pretty much learning by repetition.

Lightbulb Moments

Lightbulb moments is the other interesting section of the Pimsleur language learning app that gives a better insight into the new language. However, it is important since one understands the culture and history of a new language.

For example, if you are into the Spanish course, you will see a lightbulb moment explaining how the Spanish got their last names. Interesting, isn’t it?

Concluding Thoughts

Learning a new language is tough, but it can become fun with apps like Pimsleur. With a subscription price between USD 14.95 and $20.95 per month, you are introduced to an entirely new world of language learning. The journey to learning a new language can become so much simpler and easier with the likes of Pimsleur.

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