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What Does DND Mean on Snapchat?

Finding “DND” on Snapchat confusing? Struggling to understand what it means and when to use it?

This brief guide will clear up all your doubts as I explain “DND” in layman’s terms, explain its function, and guide you on its use.

Let’s get started –

What is DND on Snapchat?

DND on Snapchat stands for “Do Not Disturb”. This feature allows you to turn off or mute notifications from specific individuals or groups without actually blocking them.

Essentially, when a user sets their status to “DND”, they are indicating that they do not wish to receive notifications or alerts from the app.

This feature might be utilized by someone who desires to take a break from social media or needs to concentrate on a task without being disrupted by notifications.

The “Do Not Disturb” feature lets users manage their notifications, offering them power over their Snapchat notification experience.

How to Enable DND on Snapchat?

Step-by-step process to enable DND for specific friends or groups:

  1. Opening the chat: First, navigate to the main screen of the Snapchat app. Here, swipe right to access your chat screen. Open the chat with the friend or group you want to put on DND.
  2. Accessing the chat settings: Once the conversation is open, tap on their or the group’s name at the top of the screen. You will then see a gear icon that represents ‘Settings’. Tap on the gear icon.
  3. Activating the DND option: You will find “Do Not Disturb” here. Tap on it to enable DND for that specific chat. You will not receive any notifications from this chat unless you disable DND.

Remember, enabling DND does not mean you will not receive any messages from the chat. The messages will still come in, but your smartphone will not alert you.

You will need to check the chat to see new messages manually. DND is an excellent feature if you need to focus on work or studies but do not want to miss out on any messages.

How to Disable DND on Snapchat?

A step-by-step process to disable DND for specific friends or groups:

  1. Opening the chat: Launch the Snapchat application. From your home screen, swipe right to move to your chat screen. Once there, open the chat with the friend or the group you previously put on DND.
  2. Accessing the chat settings: Tap on the friend’s or group name at the top of the screen. This will open a drop-down menu, and at the bottom, you will see a gear icon labeled ‘Settings’. Tap on this gear icon to access chat settings.
  3. Deactivating the DND option: Look for the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option in your settings. If it’s enabled, you will see a checkmark next to it. Tap on it again to disable DND for that chat.

After disabling DND, you’ll receive notifications from the selected friend or group again.

DND on Snapchat is a flexible feature that helps users enjoy their Snapchat experience without unnecessary interruptions, especially when they want to remain focused on work or other activities.

Differences between DND, Muting, and Blocking

  1. DND (Do Not Disturb): DND is a feature that allows you to disable notifications for a specific chat temporarily. You’ll still receive messages, but your device won’t alert you. This allows you to reduce distractions and focus on something else without completely cutting off communication.
  2. Muting: Muting primarily applies to stories and posts on Snapchat. You can hide stories or posts from a specific account on your feed without unfollowing or blocking them. The muted individual will not know that they have been muted, and you can still view their posts or stories manually if you want.
  3. Blocking: Blocking is a more extreme measure than DND or muting. When you block someone, they can’t communicate with you at all. They won’t be able to view your stories or snaps, message you, or see your location. Blocking is often used as a measure against harassment, abuse, or unwanted interactions.


Now that I’ve reached the end of this article, I hope you know all the steps required to enable/disable Snapchat on your device.

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