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What is White Mountain Puzzles Scam? Should You Avoid It?

Do you like puzzle games and do a lot of impulse buying? Watch out for the “White Mountain Puzzles Scam”!

Imagine finding your favorite White Mountain Puzzles at super low prices online. Sounds great, right? But what if these deals are too good to be true? That’s exactly what’s happening with the White Mountain Puzzles Scam. Fake websites are popping up, looking just like the real website, offering amazing discounts.

But it’s all a sham.

You deserve to get what you pay for, especially when it’s something as fun and engaging as a puzzle. White Mountain Puzzles are known for their quality, but these scam sites are fooling you into buying fake or non-existent puzzles.

Don’t let scammers fool you! Read this post and stay two steps ahead of them.

What is a White Mountain Puzzles Scam?

The ‘White Mountain Puzzles Scam’ involves fake websites pretending to sell puzzles from the real White Mountain Puzzles company, usually at really low prices. These sites look just like the real company’s site, tricking people into thinking they’re buying genuine puzzles.

It’s key to understand that the scam isn’t about White Mountain Puzzles itself, which is a well-respected company known for its high-quality puzzles. The scam is about other people, not connected to the company, who are trying to cheat customers.

These phony websites use White Mountain Puzzles’ good name to gain trust and make sales. But often, they either don’t send anything or send fake, low-quality puzzles, causing buyers to lose money. This problem is pretty big, and there are lots of reports with advice on how to spot and avoid these scams.

In summary, the ‘White Mountain Puzzles Scam’ is a typical scam where fraudsters use a trusted brand’s name to sell fake products. To stay safe from these scams, always make sure the website is real, be cautious of very low prices, and check the website’s security features before you buy anything.

Is White Mountain Puzzles Still in Business?

Yes, this 30-year-old White Mountain Puzzle is still in business.White Mountain Puzzle’s official website showcases its current in-stock puzzles and actively updates the available products.They have a strong customer base, with over 57,000 followers and more than 54,000 likes on Facebook and Instagram. The company has been offering jigsaw puzzles for adults, kids, and families for over 30 years.

How to Identify a White Mountain Puzzles Scam?

Here’s a list of red flags Indicating a White Mountain Puzzles Scam –

  1. Unrealistic Discounts: One major red flag is unusually high discounts, significantly lower than the retail price listed on the official White Mountain Puzzles website. Though everyone loves a good deal, excessive discounts can be indicative of a scam.
  2. Poorly Constructed Websites: Scam websites often display poor grammar, numerous spelling mistakes, and low-quality site design. This contrasts with the professional appearance of the White Mountain Puzzles official site.
  3. Suspicious Website URLs: The official White Mountain Puzzles website is Any other URLs claiming to belong to White Mountain Puzzles should be treated with caution.
  4. Lack of Secure Payment Method: Legitimate e-commerce websites use security measures, like SSL encryption, to protect their customers’ purchase and credit card information. If a site lacks ‘https’ in the URL, it may not be secure.
  5. Limited or No Contact Information: Illegitimate sites may fail to provide contact information or only provide an email address. The authentic White Mountain Puzzles site includes a physical address and phone number.
  6. Negative Online Reviews and Complaints: Look for reviews or complaints about the website before purchasing. If you see a pattern of customers not receiving products or receiving counterfeit goods, it’s likely a scam.

By recognizing these red flags, you can better protect yourself from falling victim to the White Mountain Puzzles scam.

Preferred Channels for Purchasing White Mountain Puzzles

Official White Mountain Puzzles Website

The most reliable means to purchase White Mountain Puzzles is directly from their official website. This guarantees the authenticity of the product since you’d be buying straight from the source. The company’s website also offers excellent customer support and hassle-free returns in case of any issues.

Other Reliable Retailers

Several other reliable retailers stock White Mountain Puzzles. These include:

  1. Amazon: They carry a wide assortment of White Mountain Puzzles. As a renowned e-commerce platform, Amazon ensures customer protection and secure payment options.
  2. Walmart: Another trusted retailer selling White Mountain Puzzles. Purchasing from this verified store assures that the product you’re buying is genuine.
  3. Target: Here you can also find an array of White Mountain Puzzles. Target, just like Amazon and Walmart, guarantees the legitimacy of the products they sell.

How to Verify the Legitimacy of the White Mountain Puzzles

Here are some tips on how to verify the authenticity of White Mountain Puzzles retailers:

1. Check the Official Website: White Mountain Puzzles maintains an official website where genuine products are sold. Any other website claiming to sell new, original White Mountain Puzzles items should be viewed with skepticism.

2. Official Retail Partners: Successful businesses like White Mountain Puzzles often team up with reliable and trustworthy retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target to distribute their products.

3. Company’s Contact Information: Check on the official White Mountain Puzzles website for their list of authorized retailers. Any reputable dealer will have verifiable contact information.

4. Online Reviews and Ratings: The internet, particularly social media, is a great place to get reviews about dealers. A retailer with numerous negative reviews and low ratings could be suspicious.

5. Consult Official Business Registrars: Official business registries such as the Better Business Bureau or local chambers of commerce often have records of legitimate businesses.

6. SSL Certificate: Check for a secure connection (https:// at the beginning of the URL). SSL certificates validate the website’s identity and encrypt the information sent between your device and the site.

7. Match Product Descriptions and Images: Original White Mountain Puzzles have specific product descriptions and high-quality images. If the descriptions do not match or the pictures are of low quality, that could be a sign of fake product listings.

The importance of verifying a retailer is to ensure the quality and authenticity of the product you purchase. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on counterfeit or low-quality items, and cross-checking the legitimacy of the retailer significantly reduces such risk.

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