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What software play Avi files on Mac

If you are a lucky owner of a Mac computer, you may get surprised when the AVI movie will simply not be played. It can become a frustrating experience, as AVI is one of the most popular movie formats, yet QuickTime (Apple multimedia player) doesn’t recognize it. While it may seem like a technical issue at first, it is just a matter of a third-party application or some technical adjustments that will transform your viewer’s experience.

So, let’s clarify together the best ways to watch AVI on MAC.

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1.   Third-party application

This is by far the easiest option to choose. There are numerous decent applications, which after being easily installed, play avi files on Mac and let the users enjoy the movie nights. Considering the multitude of options available on the webspace, it is important to choose the best-performing players, not to reinstall them numerous times. The selection may seem challenging, thus, we recommend checking up on a few major characteristics:

  • Operating system – make sure the media play can perform on a Mac system. It will be even better if the player is designed explicitly for MAC, like the Elmedia player, as they have the whole ecosystem dedicated to one operating system, providing seamless and non-disturbing performance.
  • Media Player Formats – as there is a wide range of video formats, it will be a good idea to choose the player that will cover all of them, including AVI, FLV, WMV, MKV, etc.
  • Converting formats – quite a common option for media players, typically, the computer video is converted into a more portable format, which can be performed on a smartphone, or tablet.
  • Libraries and playlists – the better the libraries are organized, the better user experience you will have.
  • Usability – the ergonomics and layout are crucial, as they define how intuitive the usage of the play will be.

Let’s look at the best examples:

1.   Elmedia Player

When thinking about the top-notch viewer experience, Elmedia will definitely come first on the list, as its whole environment is dedicated entirely to the iOS operating system, with all the features working impeccably across various devices.

Elmedia player offers every viewer a list of benefits:

  • Multiple formats – FLV, MP4, AVI, MOV, DAT, MKV, MP3, FLAC, M4V, and Blu-ray;
  • Advanced playback options – frame-by-frame shuttling, timeline previews (thumbnails), bookmarks;
  • Advanced subtitle support;
  • Numerous customizable options – multi-monitor setup, video deinterlacing, picture-in-picture mode, audio visualizer and equalizer, cloud synchronization, etc.

Elmedia Player is about quality and extensive opportunities while exploring the world of videos.

2.   KMPlayer

A KMPlayer is a good alternative to QuickTime. It offers high-quality video and audio performance and has iOS as one of the options. The KMPlayer offers to its users:

  • Accessibility across various platforms;
  • 3D video playback;
  • Possibility to download various codecs from the website;
  • User-friendly layout;
  • Free basic version;
  • Tools to create and play personalized playlists;
  • Zoom and pan functions, etc.

KMPlayer offers every user a chance to broaden the meaning of a ‘high-quality’ video and enjoy its customizable features.

3.   VLC player

A VLC player is a powerful solution for performing AVI video format. It’s a time-proven option that offers:

  • Numerous customizable options,
  • Plug-ins and extensions,
  • Bookmarks/chapters,
  • 3D screen control,
  • History,
  • Playlist editor,
  • Audio and video capture, etc.

The basic set of functions is offered for free, which lets everyone enjoy the visual perfection of videos.

2.   Convert AVI File to a MOV or MP4

In case you are not willing to download a different player, you can always convert AVI to suitable formats for QuickTime. You can use a desktop application (in case you download one), or use an online converter.

This is a viable option for the fans of QuickTime, and the quality will not be lost during the conversion. Yet, there is one significant downside – time. It may be rather burdensome, to convert every video you want to watch.

3.   Install an AVI codec

QuickTime can be adjusted to the AVI format, by downloading and installing a specific pack of codecs. Make sure you install the codec from an official website, otherwise, the system will not work correctly.

The best choice for AVI format videos is a third-party application, like Elmedia, as even their accessible format offers compatibility and outstanding quality of performance and video. If you are into only ‘native’ apps, then you can install an additional pack of codecs for QuickTime, or convert AVI into a more suitable format (you will still need to install another application).

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