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Which Pass Should You Choose? Gympass vs. ClassPass Review

Are you stuck choosing between fitness memberships?

Worried about making the wrong choice? Don’t stress. I’ve reviewed two big names in fitness passes for you: Gympass and ClassPass.

Here, I aim to end your worries and help you make the right decision. So, ready to find your best fitness pass? Let’s jump straight into our Gympass vs. ClassPass review!

Gympass vs ClassPass: Overview

Regarding fitness memberships, we can’t ignore the two big names: Gympass and ClassPass.

Both have changed the way you view and plan your workouts. They offer a large number of gyms and classes under one membership.


Gympass was started in 2012 in New York City. It helps companies promote health and fitness amongst their staff. It partners with many gyms and workout places, giving members various choices like yoga, martial arts, and strength workouts. The cost differs based on the member’s location, but it allows unlimited access to all partner gyms and workout places.

Gympass has an easy-to-use app that helps members plan their workouts. They can choose a workout, check in at a gym, and even track how they are doing.


ClassPass began in 2013 to change how you access workout classes. They wanted to give people more choices and control over their workouts. ClassPass uses a credit system; members pay for credits, which they can use to join classes.

Like Gympass, ClassPass also works with many different gyms and workout places. This lets members try different kinds of workouts. They have an app that lets members manage their credit use and other account details.

Gympass vs ClassPass: Membership Plans and Pricing

Getting the right fitness membership is an important part of your workout journey. Let’s look at the plans and pricing for Gympass and ClassPass.


Gympass offers one main plan that differs based on where you are. With this plan, you can visit any partner gym or workout place as much as you want. The cost varies based on the plan you choose and where you live.


ClassPass uses a different system. You pay for a certain amount of credits every month, and you use these credits to join workout classes. The cost depends on where you live and how many credits you want.

It’s important to note that both Gympass and ClassPass change their prices based on your location. To find out how much each plan would cost you, it’s best to visit their websites and enter your location.

Gympass vs. ClassPass: Membership Plans and Pricing

Comparing the pricing and membership plans of Gympass and ClassPass can provide insights into the value proposition of both fitness platforms.

Gympass Pricing

Gympass offers varied pricing plans depending on your company’s contract with Gympass and the coverage you choose. They offer a membership option with over 1,000 gyms, studios, wellness apps, and live-stream workouts for $11.99 per month.

However, the precise pricing may vary, and you must log in to your account or speak with your company to get a complete understanding.

ClassPass Pricing

ClassPass operates on a credit-based system with several tiers.

  • The 13 credits tier costs $29 per month.
  • The 28-credit tier is priced at $59 per month.
  • The 38 credits tier is offered at $79 per month.
  • Their top-tier plan, the 80-credit tier, is available for $159 monthly.

The credits are valid for booking fitness classes, with the number of credits required varying per class.

The package prices can vary depending on your location and do not account for any unique promotions or deals that ClassPass might offer from time to time.

Gympass vs. ClassPass: Class Booking Systems

Gympass and ClassPass offer their subscribers extensive networks regarding gyms and studio access.

However, their class booking systems operate slightly differently, offering unique flexibility and options.

Gympass Class Booking

Gympass provides an app for users to access various fitness services depending on their chosen plan. The app allows you to search for nearby partner gyms or workout classes and schedule attendance.

The key benefit of Gympass is the ability to use the membership in various cities and countries, providing a broad range of fitness options for frequent travelers.

ClassPass Class Booking

ClassPass also uses an app to search and book fitness classes within the network. The ClassPass booking system is credit-based, meaning you can use a certain number of monthly credits to book classes.

The number of credits required for a class varies depending on factors such as the popularity of the class, the time of the class, and the fitness studio.

Prices of the classes vary depending on the time and day of the class, adding flexibility and variety. Some classes might cost fewer credits at less busy times, allowing you to make the most of your credit allowance.

For example, an early morning weekday class might cost fewer credits than a peak weekend class.

Gympass vs ClassPass: Cancellation Policy

For Gympass, only the account holder can cancel their or their family members’ membership.

When it comes to class cancellation, if a user cancels a booking or session, Gympass may charge them a fee.

The cancellation policies for bookings and classes may vary depending on the third-party provider or location.

There is no penalty for canceling a class early if it’s done in compliance with the stated cancellation policy.

However, if a user cancels late, a penalty may apply.

ClassPass, on the other hand, allows you to cancel your memberships directly from their website or app. They must navigate to their account settings, select ‘Manage Plan’, then ‘Cancel my membership’, and follow the rest of the process.

Gympass vs ClassPass: Pros. and Cons.

Gympass ClassPass
Unlimited Access ✔️ Yes, a variety of fitness programs ❌ No
Networking ✔️ Extensive, 11,700 gyms ❌ Varies by location
Unique Activities ✔️ 570 different fitness activities available ❌ Varies by location
Cost ❌ Can be more expensive if you only use one gym ✔️ Cheaper than regular gym memberships
User Interface ❌ Some users find the app harder to navigate ✔️ Generally positive reviews
Frequency of Workouts ✔️ Unlimited workouts across a network of gyms ❌ Need to buy more credits to work out more frequently

Concluding Lines

In this comparison review of Gympass and ClassPass, I’ve highlighted their main differences to let you assist in picking one pass.

Remember, the best choice is one that fits your personal needs and lifestyle. Don’t be overwhelmed by the details; focus on what suits you best.

That’s all for now.

If you’re still confused between the two, feel free to fire down your questions in the comments below.

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