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World of Warcraft Guide: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Playing online games is the norms of today. Everyone has Android devices and plenty of apps in them. Almost half memory of our smartphones occupied by games. There are numerous types of games according to the individual interest but strategy games are my all time favorite games because these games make me curious. World of Warcraft is a real-time strategy game and you have to play the role of a hero. If you are noobie and want to play this game then here I will discuss the world of warcraft guide, tips and tricks for beginners to play.

World of Warcraft Guide: Tips And Tricks

If you want to be a part of the world of Warcraft 3 then this guide definitely smooth your path. When you get lost in the mystery of Azeroth then these world of warcraft tips and tricks will show you the right way and also help you to achieve the higher level. For grabbing success among your online rivals follow these tricks and be the hero of the world of warcraft legion.

Build a Character

When you navigate the battlefield of the world of Warcraft then the initial step is to create a character. Firstly you have to select the race that confirms what your character looks like. Secondly, you have to select a class it determines the actions of your character. So choose wisely according to you.

Controlling your Avatar

Before entering the virtual world of world of warcraft you must be familiar with the game’s controls. Initially, it is enough to be aware of the most basic controls. Although there are plenty of shortcuts I think these will be the best for you.

Mouse and keyboard

You have to situate your left hand on the WASD keys on the keyboard and use it to proceed your avatar. Number keys are for the trigger and spell efficiencies.

Mouse camera

For moving the camera throughout your avatar, you have to click and hold the mouse buttons. For targeting them click left and right click to deal with them. For zooming just scroll the mouse.

Action Bar

You will notice an action bar at the bottom of your screen for performing the ability of your character you have to use it. Every slot has a key compatible to your keyboard. To active any ability, you have to press the corresponding key.

The Spellbook

Spellbook will assist you to find out your abilities. Just press P on your keyboard to grab your spellbook. Here you will notice each skill of your avatar in the world of warcraft legion.

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World of Warcraft Guide: Types of Schemes

If you use abilities in a proper manner that means you are playing your role well. All depends on the resources from them your avatar get the spells and skills. If you have the detailed information of your resources then you will be the hero in the world of Warcraft legion. There are some resources which will assist you.

Initial Quests

After entering in the gameplay of World of Warcraft, you will notice the characters who have the “!” mark on their forehead. When you notice that ones it means it has something for you and it may be a quest.  For interact them you have to right click your character. They will provide you with one or more quest through the quest dialog. Just press accept for grabbing them.

Quest Pursuing

For tracking quest, you need to press M. M stands for a map, a new friend of yours. You will notice highlighted quests on the map. By clicking on highlighting the area you will find your quest on the minimap. Like this, you will get the way to the nearest quest objective.

Changing in a Quest

After finishing all your quest objectives finally its time to change it in and grab your prize. You have to inspect there quest analysis in your quest log and you will come to know from where you can turn it in. For achieving this purpose you have to travel to new lands and amazing adventures.

Reaching to your Terminus

When you go through the higher levels you will observe one thing that quests will begin to push you to new places. When you travel to all these places you will learn a lot about the world of Warcraft and it will save you further.

Using the map

Maps help you when you get lost in the adventurous world of Azeroth. When you are not able to find out the way just press M. You can also contract map window and can see further easily.


After some time you will notice that your bags are full. You have to navigate the capital city to find out banks and you can store there your stuff.


After reaching level 20 you will learn the riding ability. Your skills will automatically improve when you reach higher levels and now you can run very fast and even you can fly. You will find your guides in capitals who will guide you.


You will find your trainers in capitals and you can learn lots of new skills from them.

World of Warcraft Guide: Playing Cooperatively

In further you will find a quest which indicates you to play in groups. You will need a community to complete the quest. The reason behind it that further, you have to face more dangerous monsters. So you have to take help of your friends and work in a team.

Invite Players

If you will notice other players from your group after the same quest you can invite them by right clicking on their picture. Up to 5 players can manage the credit of a quest.

Player Versus Player

You will get the chance in playing PVP mode after proving yourself as a fighting monster. For achieving success in this arena you have to be more tactful and also focus on working in a team. This battlefield of the world of Warcraft will give you the peak level of thrill.


Guilds refer to stable groups of players who are amalgamate with each other for reaching the topmost level of adventure. If you want to get their resources and also want to create your guild channel then you have to accompany them. You can also make a guild of your own with your friends who are participating in the world of warcraft legion.


World of Warcraft provides you occupations like blacksmithing, Engineering, and tailoring etc. You can choose one and learn the skills. These professions allow you to grab resources during your travel and you can utilize those resources to craft items. Like Blacksmith can create weapons, and an Engineer can make wonderful gadgets. You can also hand over items you have made to other players and get gold in exchange.

World of Warcraft Guide: Wrap Up

In a nutshell, World of Warcraft is an amazing real-time game through which you can play with numerous online players worldwide. Definitely, these world Warcraftaft guide, tips, and tricks will help you to get success. Still, any query regarding this game then comment below and also share your valuable experiences if you have ever played this game. You can also suggest any tips if you have regarding this game.


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