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Best CPU Cooler: Which One Should You Buy?

Best CPU Cooler

When building a custom PC, you might place all your money on buying the best processor.

But are you doing this the way?

What would you do, when your PC starts generating unusual heat, and noise.

Thereby resulting in performance issues? This can not only ruin your overall gaming experience but also shorten the life span of the Processor.

I guess you don’t want this right?

That’s why when building a PC, it’s important to invest smartly in getting a CPU cooler.

And that’s where I’m going to help you by listing some of the best CPU coolers you can get in 2021.

When coupled with the Thermal Interface Material (TIM), it can become super helpful for your PC to set up efficient heat transfer between your CPU & Cooler.

Now, without wasting much time, let’s get started with the best CPU Coolers of 2021:

Things to Consider Before Buying a CPU Cooler

Before you make the purchase, there are some things that you need to consider. If ignored you might end up getting a CPU cooler that’s of no use for your PC. So, read this part of this post carefully:

Do you own 2000 and 3000 Series Ryzen processors?

Well, then, in that case, you might not need to purchase a CPU cooler as some older Ryzen models come with in-built coolers which can handle moderate overclocking.

Still, if your PC is generating some unnecessary heat to cause some unknown errors, only then I would recommend you to get a CPU Cooler along with it.

And when getting a CPU cooler, these are some important points you should keep in your mind:

Allocating the Budget

Before you purchase, a CPU Cooler, you must allocate your budget for CPU components.

First, purchase a processor & then based on the requirement, allocate the budget for a suitable CPU cooler.

When it comes to CPU Cooler, there is a general rule of thumb you should keep in mind – The better the CPU, the more it will get hotter.

This can happen even when it’s on stock or overclocked settings.

So, the best preference would be to choose a CPU Cooler that can match up the performance of your CPU.

Define Your Purpose

Before purchasing a CPU Cooler, you must determine your goal of purchasing it.

If your only goal is to overclock the processor and push it to its extreme levels,

Then it would be better to invest in a higher-end model of Cooler.

The same goes in the case of purchasing a budget gaming computer. Here, you can get an entry-level cooler that works flawlessly on the stock settings.

That will automatically fix up any heating issue in normal day-to-day usage.

Liquid Cooling vs. Air Cooling

CPU cooling comes in two types – Air Cooling and Liquid cooling.

Here the main decision rests on your shoulder.

So you must make the right decision based on the pros and cons of these two types of CPU coolers

TDP Rating

Thermal design power or in short TDP.

When you get into setting up your custom PC, the processor and CPU Cooler comes with a TDP rating.

Here, the best thing for you to do is pick a CPU Cooler that exceeds the TDP rating of the processor.

3 Best CPU Coolers in 2021

Noctua NH D15

Best CPU Cooler
Best CPU Cooler

With the compatibility for both AMD and Intel sockets. Noctua NH d15 CPU Cooler comes with 140 mm fans to sink the heat in a Brown and beige color scheme.

It can match up to the temperature of some of the best water cooling solutions.

And most importantly, it’s not as noisy as some of the best CPU coolers in the market.

Noctua NH d15 comes with high TDP which makes it a suitable choice for most high-end processors.

This CPU Cooler freely applies the popular Noctua Nth1 thermal paste that can last for five years.

All in all, it’s a great CPU Cooler to fulfill your requirements.

Deep Cool Assassin lll

Best CPU Cooler
Best CPU Cooler

It’s a budget-friendly CPU Cooler yet, it performs most of the functions in the background silently.

It comes with a twin cooling tower and 140 mm fans.

Despite the big air coolers, the low noise generation makes it a preferred choice for high-end CPUs.

The only lacking point in Deep Cool Assassin lll is that it does not have any options to enable or include RGB lighting options.

Also, there is no support for AMD and Intel CPU-based sockets.

Still, its excellent thermal performance makes up for all these little cones.

Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4

Best CPU Cooler
Best CPU Cooler

Are you looking for a virtually silent air cooler?

Well, your search ends with Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4.

With a sleek black design and the ability to add a second fan, it’s one of the quietest coolers you can ever find in the market.

Surprisingly, Dark Rock 4 produces sound at just 21.4 DB. It’s the highest level this CPU cooler can achieve.

Despite this low sound generation, in no way, it lacks behind in reducing the temperature of the CPU components. Without any second thoughts in your mind, you can go ahead with the purchase of this silent killer.


When it comes to choosing the best CPU coolers, this list can go on and on.

But I think it’s the right time to stop.

Still, if I find any suitable candidate that deserves to be added to this list, I will add it firsthand for you.

That’s all for now.

If you have got any questions for me regarding the best CPU Cooler then do let me know about the same in the comments section below.

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