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Best international calling apps for free in 2019

Mobile phones have made our lives so convenient and easy and everything is within our fingertips. You can make calls, send SMS, make videos calls and convey emojis with our smartphones to your loved ones without paying a single penny. But when things come in terms of International calls then we think it is pretty costly. You are quite wrong if you also think so as we can make international calls for free with certain apps. If you want to cut your costs to make International calls then we here with best International calling apps for free.

Here I have included the best apps that will enable you to contact your friends and family who resides abroad without spending your hard-earned bucks. So observe the post carefully to get the best app to make International calls.

 best app to make International calls
Best international calling apps for free in 2019

Best International Calling Apps for free 2019


Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging app and the app is pretty easy to use. You can call or message anyone, anywhere in the world for free with Whatsapp. More than 1 Billion people are sticking with Whatsapp and you just need your Mobile data to connect with your family and friends with Whatsapp. You can use Whatsapp on PC, Android, and iOS smartphones. Nevertheless, the app allows you to send photos, videos, make videos calls, voice calls and much more.


Let’s discuss our another app listed in best International calling apps for free, Viber. This app functions in the same way as Whatsapp. Users can message or make a call for free anywhere in the world with Viber. One of the best features of this VOIP and instant messaging app is that you can also use Viber on your PC. Viber offers you easy to use interface and consumes your mobile’s internet to make calls and convey messages.


Who can forget Skype when things come in term of free International calls. It is one of the most reliable and easy to use calling app via which you can contact anyone without spending a penny. You can make videos calls, join video calls with up to 25 people, create voice calls, convey photos and videos and much more with this incredible app. Apart from PC, Android and iOS you can use Skype for Linux.

Vonage Mobile

Another app listed in the best international calling apps for free list is the Vonage Mobile app. You can connect with your family and friends in other countries who are also using the Vonage app. Vonage Mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can send videos, photos, and text for free with this app. Users can also make video chats with the Vonage Mobile App.


Line posses more than 600 Million users across the globe and you can make free international calls with your smartphone with this app. Line app supports Android and iOS gadgets but you can also use it on PC with Line App Apk. Like other instant messaging apps you can send photos, videos, text messages, make calls, and group calls with up to 200 people with Line app.

Concluding lines

Well, these are the best International calling apps for free. But always keep in mind that to make calls with these apps other people also have the same app in their device. For instance, if you are trying to make a call with Viber then the person you are trying to call should have Viber installed in his/her smartphone.

All the apps are totally free to use and offer you the ultimate user experience. Hope you got the required information and if you loved the post then give it a thumbs up.

Don’t forget to ask us if you want to know about any particular app and also share your experience if you are using any of these instant messaging apps.


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