Best Soundcloud Alternatives for Musicians (And Music Lovers)

For the past 13 years, SoundCloud has been there as a One-Stop nonstop music hub for music lovers and Buddy musicians.

Even though it is it has been giving tough competition to its archrival Spotify. There are plenty of other options that you can use to stream music & upload your music in 2021.

Yeah, I am talking about SOUNDCLOUD ALTERNATIVES.

Don’t you want to know some other options where you can get preferable requirements?

Options such as:

✅A built-in video player

✅Best Playlist recommendations.

That’s all about the music lovers.

What about those free independent music artist who uploads their music on online music streaming sites SoundCloud?

Last year in 2020, the music streaming service Soundcloud raised $75 million from Pandora’s owner Sirus XM.

But you see, from the past few years, there have been some untold funding issues despite this funding.

And because of this, SoundCloud has suffered a lot in the PAST. In fact, it had to dismiss many employees to continue running its operations for profit.

But what if one day you open you wake up in the morning, and it’s closing down?

So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a backup plan.

And for that, I will be listing some popular SoundCloud alternatives that you use to regain your fandom.

From listening to your favorite music to uploading your favorite music as an Independent Musician. You can do this all using the SoundCloud alternatives.

I guess that’s enough reason for me to convince you to check out these 3 SoundCloud alternatives.

3 Popular SoundCloud Alternatives

Even though there are many SoundCloud alternatives in 2021.

I will be only be listing some well-established music platforms that are worth checking.

Now, let’s get started:


Reverbnation is the first SoundCloud Alternatives in this list.

Reverbnation’s connection with Indie music makes it somewhat closer to SoundCloud but there are a few things that set the music platform apart.


Well, unlike SoundCloud it focuses heavily on local Indie artists.

This means the music platform will update every local in your area about the current music scenario and trends.

Once your music is appreciated. You can get multiple chances to connect with your local fans.

You see if you are getting into music then it’s not an easy journey to become a breakout singer.

This requires:




✅And a hell a lot of COMMITMENT.

It’s a journey where you will learn a lot of new things.

That’s where ReverbNation can help. It provides a stable platform for musicians to establish themselves as better musicians and then transition to becoming a music sensation all over the country or possibly the world.


Bandcamp is the second-best SoundCloud alternative

If you sign up as an artist, Bandcamp provides you a customizable microsite that you can use to upload and share your music.

Now that you have done your part it’s time for fans to listen to all the tracks.

Even though they can stream all the tracks for free, they get an option to purchase an entire album at a price. that’s set up by themselves.

Not only that if you liked the music of a particular artist then you can even donate some money to his account or subscribe to their mailing list to receive free tracks.

That’s neat, isn’t it?

When using SoundCloud, musicians are forced to pay a fixed yearly fee.

Well, that’s not the case with band camp.

Here, the music streaming company charges you a 15 percent commission. And when the overall sales go up by 5K USD, its commission drops to 10%.

Once again, that’s neat.

Isn’t it?

Initially started out as a website-only platform in 2013, the company released its mobile apps for Android and iOS-based smartphones.


YungCloud is the final Soundcloud alternatives in this list.

Before I go any further, answer me –

Are you Tired of meddling with Middleman?

Well, then YungCloud could be a better option for you.

Be it the music lovers or artists.

You would straightaway like the YungCloud website as resembles the SoundCloud website in many ways.

The music streaming platform is here to connect music talents with its wide range of audiences from all over the world.

Even though YungCloud matches up to SoundCloud in many departments, there are few areas where it lacks.

For instance:

✅It has a high number of bootlegs that exist unabated.

✅And as compared to SoundCloud, YungCloud’s small user base is a problem for many Indie musicians?

I hope as time progresses, the developers of YungCloud would work on their platform to make it a breakout music platform for music lovers and musicians.

Final Words

So these are the three SoundCloud alternatives that you can use to increase your follower base.

That is all for now.

Before I say goodbye to you, do let me know which Soundcloud alternatives you are gonna try first.

Apart from this, if you have got any questions, then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section given below.