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3 Best Toxicwap Alternatives to Download Latest Episodes [2021]

Toxicwap Alternatives

First, there was YesMovie, then came losmovies, Tunemovies, Uwatchfree.

These 3rd-party movies & tv series streaming keep growing.

Now, enough of watching video content online. It’s time to download movies, tv shows, mp3 music, videos for offline use.

After using the 3rd party website for hours, I’ve come to realize something.

When you’re on limited internet data, why would waste it?

Why would you spend your internet data again & again to watch the same sh*t again?

Not a chance, right?

That’s where sites like Toxicwap come to the rescue by letting you download the same safe on your device once & for all.

Even though this website is super helpful for users looking to download videos, it’s not legal. And because of this, this website is banned in many countries.

Still, you can access Toxicwap using a premium VPN service, the user experience is not the same.

So, what are the best options left for you?

I would be completely honest with you – There are NONE.

Instead, what you can do is try some popular Toxicwap alternative sites. These websites will be different from each other but can come to use for the most basic task – Downloading movies, tv shows, videos, etc.

If you’re up for Toxicwap alternative websites, let’s get straight into it: is the first and foremost Toxicwap alternatives.

Not just that even before toxic map came into the picture, O2tvseries was considered as my go-to website to download the latest TV series episodes.

Today if you have to download episodes of an old TV show from as early as the friends in 1994 to the latest episodes of the White Lotus of HBO, you will get a TV show at your disposal

When you open this website for the first time, you can type in the TV series you want to download in the big search box available right at the top.

Next, you get a list of TV show episodes that have been added in recent days.

At last, you can see 1000s of tv shows sorted in an alphabetical manner.

Still, confused?

Let me tell you how it’s done.

Suppose you have to download episodes of Game of Thrones, open the option with alphabets G-H-I.

Once you’re on the next page, you can further sort the result in these different options:

  • New updated first
  • Old updated first
  • A to Z and
  • Z to A

In the case of Game of Thrones, I would recommend you select the third option A to Z as this will sort all the tv shows starting with the initials G.

After that, select the season and episodes you want to download in 3 different qualities – 3gp, MP4, and HD MP4.

Here, I would recommend you to select the HD MP4 option as it comes with decent video quality suitable for both mobile phones and your PC.

Even though this website is quite old but to the looks of it, this website has had minimal changes in terms of the user interface.

Except this, O2tvseries has completely transformed from an ad-free website to an ad-intrusive website.

After using this website for years, that’s the only sad reality of

If I’ve to rate a third-party video downloading website based on its user interface, Top-tv-shows would be the last in this post.

Is it that bad?

Don’t ask me. You can see all this detail in the screenshot attached above.

Now, let me take you to the website.

At the top, there is a search bar where you can type in the name of a particular TV show you want to download.

The header comes with two menus – The first one redirects you to the same website, whereas the second menu takes you to TV shows that are going to air on the same day in the United States.

You can further select the latest TV shows to download their episodes.

Once you’re done, don’t go anywhere else.

Return to the home page and look at the three widgets available on the right-hand side.

The first widget lists all the TV shows (Available) listed in an alphabetical manner.
Next, based on your preference, you can switch over to TV shows of different genres.

Last, but not least, you can select US tv shows based on different United States tv channels such as ABC, NBC, and more. is the 3rd toxicwap alternatives in this list. Compared to the other 2 Toxicwap alternatives, this website is relatively easy.

And most important of all, now with, you’ll finally have an option to download videos for your PC. Before downloading anything from the website, make sure you’re on an unlimited wi-fi connection.

Otherwise, be ready to pay cell phone bills endlessly.

In terms of downloadable content, has a collection of all the latest TV Series.

Sorry, but you won’t find any movies to download here. Apart from this minor CON., this website lets you download the latest episodes in only 480P.

Even though itself doesn’t display any kind of annoying ads, you might get annoying as the 3rd-party download pages do contain some ads. So, before going to such websites, make sure to enable ad-blocker chrome extensions.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best Toxicwap alternatives you can use to download the latest movies, tv shows, web series, mp3 music for free.

Now, tell me – Out of all these sites, which one would you prefer to download videos of your choice?

Not just that, also state the reason why it’s better the Toxicwap website.

That’s all for now.

If you’ve got any questions for me, please let me know about the same in the comments section below.

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