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Boycott Mulan Connection with Hong Kong Protest

boycott mulan

The Hong Kong situation has become worse as protesters and local authorities turned the city into a battleground. Actually, from past couple of months, people are opposing a controversial law and now the protest has become larger than ever.

On Friday a hashtag boycott Mulan was trending on twitter worldwide Do you know the boycott Mulan has its connection with Hong Kong protest. If you don’t know I will tell complete information on Disney star and protest how they are linked. 

boycott mulan
boycott mulan

Hong Kong Protest 

A bill has been introduced that allows all criminal handover to mainland China authorities. The bill is introduced by Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam who is backed by the mainland government. It created a fear among citizens of hong kong that after this china will punish protestors more forcefully than ever. Also, when the bill came in effect china can easily intervene in hong kong law situations in favor of mainland only. 

Recently the protestors tried to occupy Hong Kong airport and a big clash between police and protestors erupted. In the past few months, police used batons, tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets on protestors. Peacekeeping and human rights authorities from every corner of the world condemn the treatment given to protestors by police. There are also allegations of allowing an armed mob to attack protestors but police did nothing. 

How Boycott Mulan Started?

A post has been shared by Liu he is a reporter from govt backed newspaper People Daily. The post says: “I support the Hong Kong police. You can all attack me now.” these words first said by Fu Guohao a reporter from a govt run Chinese newspaper. He was attacked and tied up by protestors at Hong Kong Airport after this incident the lines have become the tagline for govt and its supporters. As these lines help them to portray supporter as violent extremists group that is trying to disavow the peace of the city.

Liu shared her post in Chinese saying “I also support the Hong Kong police,” and included heart and strong-arm emojis. Liu has big 65 million followers on Weibo, that is a Chinese social media platform. The real post singlehandedly received over 2 million likes and a massive support of people from around the globe, along with likes as the post was liked 81,000 times.  

Her sentiment received huge support but at the same time, she faced backlash as several groups became active within few hours. Resulted in Boycott Mulan hashtag trending on twitter.

Mulan from sky to Boycott Mulan

Liu Yifie popularly known as Crystal Liu was casted as Mulan in a Disney film by Disney Plus. As per Hollywood Reporter, Disney selected this girl after taking audition of more than 1,000 candidates. Another fact about Liu is the most bankable star in china currently. She appeared in many action, fantasy movies also supports a musical career.

She was born in China and spent his childhood in New York. A major part of his career has spent in Chinese movies on the same time she succeeds appear in cross over English speaking roles some of them are The Forbidden Kingdom, opposite Jackie Chan, and 2014’s Outcast, with Nicolas Cage. After the incident it is believed that her popularity can be diminished that can be easily seen in upcoming months.


I hope you like the information shared about boycott Mulan and will refer it with your friends and family members. As far as my opinion I feels that you have to wait and analysize the situation before doing an action like boycott.

As there are reports that mulan is under house arrest by chinese authorities and the social share made by him is under pressure only. Well… the situation will be clear in near future till than observe before taking any action. What do you feel about the incident? Mention your views in the comment box below.        


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