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A Complete Guide to Fixing Not Working Errors [2022]

The last two years have been somewhat exceptional for the sport of chess.

And there are 2 major factors behind this sudden rise in the game’s popularity.

  • First, it was the Netflix Original Series Queen’s Gambit. (If you haven’t watched the series yet, use the Netflix best movies and series app to do so)
  • Second, COVID-19 lockdown resulted in the popularity of online chess.

This popularity resulted in becoming the biggest beneficiary as the online chess platform gained millions of new users.

gained millions

However, the rise in numbers has led to frequent not working errors.

So, if you’re facing similar problems, follow this guide to fixing not working errors. Let’s get started:

Update the Mobile App

If you’re on a computer, make sure to update the app (if you have it installed). This is an easy fix that can solve many of your problems with the app failing to load or crashing.

To do this, go to the App Store or Google Play and search for “chess” and then select “” On this page will be all of app. Here, click on update to get the latest version of the app.

Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that your internet connection is working properly. If there’s no issue with your computer’s network settings, then this should be the first place you look when encountering issues.

While sometimes it may seem like a simple fix, it’s actually one of the most common reasons why players experience difficulty connecting or logging into their accounts on There are some quick checks you can do at home to determine the reason behind bad internet connection.

Clear Cookies or Cache

There’s no need to clean complete browser cache and cookies when you can clean them for the specific website. Here’s how you can clear them in the chrome and firefox web browser –

  • Chrome: Right-click on the page and select “View Page Info.” This will open up a new tab for you to see your Chrome settings, which includes an area for clearing your cache under the “History” tab. Clicking this button will clear all temporary data from that page as well as any other pages that are cached in your browser history. This will force to load fresh every time you visit again!
  • Firefox: While in Firefox, click Tools > Options > General (in older versions it may say Advanced) in order to bring up some options within this window such as History & Cache; if you scroll down this list there should be an option called Clear Now at the bottom—click that button!

Try Using a Different Browser

If you’re playing chess on the web and it’s not working, try using a different browser.

If you’re having trouble accessing the site on Chrome or Firefox, try using another browser like Opera or chromium web browser.

If this doesn’t work either, try opening up a different browser on the same device or one that’s connected to your router as opposed to just being on your computer/laptop/phone.

Disable Your Ad-Blocker

Before you disable the ad-blocker extension on the Google Chrome Web browser, confirm whether you’re getting either of the following errors –

  • Your game is starting, but it gets stuck in-between.
  • You’re getting an error message that says: “Loading… Please wait.”

These are all signs that your ad-blocker may be interfering with’s functionality. An ad blocker is a piece of software designed to block ads from appearing on websites.

These programs are often used in order to speed up internet browsing and improve privacy, but they can sometimes cause problems as well.

Close Any Browser Tabs With Logged in

Make sure you aren’t still logged in

If you’re already logged in to, or have been recently, it’s possible that your session is still active and will cause problems when trying to log back in (especially if you’ve left a game running).

The easiest way to check whether or not this is the case is just by clicking on the drop-down menu next to “Log In” and selecting “Log Out.” This will close your current session and allow you to start fresh with a new one.

Close all browser tabs related to

If there are numerous chess tab windows open within your browser when trying again, then it’ll be easier for them all to get confused and delay getting into whatever site they’re supposed ot be leading up towards—which could lead directly into a “Login Failed” message once again after opening one of those other pages originally linked from chess’ homepage page itself!

Check the Status of the Server

To test whether the problem is with your device or the Internet, try connecting to using a different device. If you can access on that device and not your own, then it’s likely an issue with your device and not the server in general.

If you are unable to connect to any other website on your network (such as Facebook), then this may indicate an issue with your router or Internet connection. Contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for further assistance is recommended in these cases.

Contact Customer Support

If you can’t get through to, the last step is to contact via their twitter handle. They can help you solve your problem and get back in the game as soon as possible.

Or else you can contact them via the chat support available on the website itself.

Make sure that when you’re sending an email via the chat support system, make sure to include all relevant information about what’s going on with your account and why it’s not working properly (if possible) so they can help fix things faster!


Hopefully, withthese solutions, you were able to troubleshoot and fix the not working issues.

If you’ve tried all the steps above and still aren’t able to connect, it may be time to contact customer support or switch over to chess24 until there’s a right solution to all your problems. Meanwhile, if you need to learn the game of chess from beginning, here’s a complete guide that answers all you q and a related to chess.

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