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Things you must know about Clash of Clans 2019

Clash of Clans is the best strategy based fighting game in which you have to make your own empire and battle with online players to get the victory. One of my favourite game as Clash Of Clans enhances my strategy skill and makes me more tactic. Nowadays there are numerous ways get unlimited gems and resources. But did you ever think these mods and cheats can be responsible to ban your Clash of clans account? Your personal information can be hacked! If you are using the wrong Clash of clans hacks or cheats and someone can control your account.

First thing is to cross-check the site and what the hacks want from you in return of gems and elixirs. Doesn’t matter which hacking tool you are using but you must aware of your privacy and security.

Most of the Clash of clans give results within minutes and it seems pretty good but there are necessary things you must know before trying any type of hacks and cheats.

Before giving your personal information to any hack site you need to observe these things and I bet if you follow these things, you can never at risk.

Things you must know about Clash of Clans 2019
Clash of Clans 2019 gude

Clash Of Clan Hacks

All the Clash of clans hacks need your personal information like email address, home address and after it offers you to make purchases with your clash of clans account, iTunes account, and Google play account. The developer of the Clash of Clans clears that they can offer gems only and there is no other way to buy gems. According to Supercell Google Play store and the apple store are the platforms from where you can purchase Clash of clans gems.

So don’t buy gems from the Clash of clans hacks and switch to a legal way.

Clash of Clans mods

As you know mod files are not available on the official stores and you can access them from the apk sites. For doing so you have to enable unknown sources on your device and in my opinion, it is illegal. Supercell can ban your Clash of clans account if they find you to use third party software. The company is taking action for those who are using mod files and if you are using then stop it now.

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You can be banned for a Clash of clans hack

If you are utilizing any third-party app or tool to grab gems and elixirs then you can be banned. If you want to stay with the original Clash of clans account and don’t want to be banned then you have to avoid Clash of clans hacks.

You can drop your account

Never give your login information for Google play and iTunes to any Clash of Clans hack. If you give your login information then your account can be hacked and someone can change your password and utilize your account for purchasing resources with your linked credit card. You can lose your Gmail account if you provide your Google PLay information to these hacks.

Can a ban be canceled?

Initially when you caught to use Clash of Clans hacks then you get a suspension. Now you can dismiss any mod or hack from your gadget. After the suspension, if Supercell found you to use a mod or hack again in a period of two weeks then you will be permanently banned. And there no way to appeal for it.

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Well, folks genuine ways are always good and I think now you got my point. Above mentioned stuff is enough to tell you that Clash of clans hacks may put you in trouble so buy gems and elixirs from the trusted sources.

Still, any doubt then comments below and for more updates stay tuned and keep reading.

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