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Unlock Unlimited Adventure With Fishdom Mobile Game

fishdom game download

Love to solve puzzles? Than Fishdom is a great option for you. The game features a colourful match-three puzzle video game. The game is developed by Playrix Entertainment and released on 10 December 2015 for iOS only. Later on, this game got released for Android and Kindle users in March 2016. The popularity of the game can be seen by its number of downloads. Before, November 2017, it reached 52 million downloads. Currently, more than 3 million people play this Game.

The game is also available on the platforms like Windows, Mac, and Nintendo DS platforms. Fishdom is the most loved game due to colourful graphics and melodious tunes. The Game features different levels and booster and power-ups help you to play the Game more effectively. 

fishdom game download
fishdom game download

Key Features of the Fishdom Mobile Game

The features provided by fishdom are as follows:

  • This is one of the unique game decorated with vibrant colours, fishes, plants, aquarium all the fun things together.
  • The game consists of a huge number of puzzles all in match three together puzzle.
  • The game allows you to show your game skills by competing in a worldwide player ranking list.
  • Each fish displays a unique personality.
  • The fishes are 3D and talking which seems fun experience.
  • Real like graphics with different aqua plant decore seems mesmerizing.
  • The game doesn’t require an active internet connection, provides an opportunity to play the game without thinking about the internet.
  • You can share your Fishdom mania scores on your facebook.

Moving forward let’s understand this game by discussing it’s gameplay.


Fishdom is colourful and easy to play the game. As you need to just swap the adorable fishes to match the trio of same. With each successful combination, you get rewards in the form of gold coins. Those can be used to customise the interiors of an aquarium or to buy new fish. The game enables you to choose screen size, graphics quality, music setting together gives a personalised feeling.

Game Rules and Instructions

The first eleven levels of the game explore rules of Fishdom. After that, each and every rule is applicable in every stage of the game.  The game features 250 fun levels to explore the following things given below will help you in clear every level in the game.

  • Regularly feed the fish to keep it healthy. By the help of feeder feed the fish in the aquarium.
  • Collect golden starts generated by fish, Just after you feed them. This helps you in gaining bonus points.
  • Utilise your gold coins to buy new fish, decoration etc this raise the quantity of gold coin accumulation automatically.
  • The centre-right bar indicates the quantity of available gold in your account.
  • You can sell items from your inventory in order to earn some gold coins.
  • Pointer, Move, Net, Sponge, Feeder are the five icons present on the bottom right corner to use them use your cursor and click on them.
  • The things you get by using your gold coins are kept in four icons that are Fish, Beach Ball, Plant, Theme.
  • To buy things you need to unlock them first by clearing advance stages of the game.
  • My Inventory tab holds all the purchased but not used things you can sell these things to earn some more gold coins.  
  • Every aquarium has a defined capacity. As the fish population grows, you need to upgrade it to a bigger fish tank. The game features 8 different types of fish tanks that you can purchase using the Gold Coins.
  • Things to decorate the aquarium are available in three tabs that are The fish, Beach ball, Plants icon.
  • The fish icon provides total of 8 types of fishes available for purchase.
  • Beach ball and Plants tab feature more than 100 items that can be used to decorate the aquarium.

Bonus Tips

  • While feeding the fishes make sure all fishes are present, As fishes hide behind plants that will cause a decrease in points to earn.
  • Feed fishes only when they are hungry, Without hunger fishes, will not take a bite. So, this will result in wastage of food.
  • Do not forget to feed the plants as the eats too.

Fishdom Download Procedure

For Android

  • Download the Fishdom game from the given link or open Google Appstore and search for Fishdom game and tab on download.
  • After installation fishdom icon will appear in your menu find that.
  • Tap on the game and follow further instructions.
  • You are ready to play the game.

For Pc

  • Get an Android Emulator for your Pc first.
  • Put the Fishdom apk file in Android Emulator.
  • Install the file using Emulator.
  • You are all set to enjoy fishdom on your PC.


The above information is sufficient enough for you to understand about the exciting game of Fishdom. It gives you complete download procedure for Android or Pc. I hope you like the content and eagerly waiting for our next blog.

Do not forget to share your personal experience with the game. If facing any difficulty with a game or in the content, Kindly mention it in the comment box below. Our team will try our best to answer these questions in our upcoming blogs. Enjoy the life by adding fun of playing Fishdom game.  

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