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Cocofinder Alternatives: 5 Best Phone Lookup Services


It’s irritating when you’re busy and don’t have a spare minute even for yourself; you’re bombarded with constant phone calls.

That’s why for just that time, I always keep my smartphone on DND.

This will put every repeated call from unknown numbers to silent.

However, what if there’s an emergency call?

There’s no way to identify unknown callers without using a phone number lookup service like Cocofinder.

 For the past few years, this website has helped me distinguish between an emergency call or identifying scammers trying hard to scam you using different fraudulent activities.

Even though I don’t have any complaints but praise for Cocofinder, it’s super important to know similar alternative websites.

An alternative would make it easier for you to switch from one website to another within seconds.

Now coming to this post, here I’ll list some practical Cocofinder alternatives & benefits. Let’s get started with it:

Reasons Why Cocofinder is Popular

The following are some of the benefits that you may get from using Cocofinder.

  • It’s a public information search engine service that enables you to obtain access of shared knowledge through phone numbers or contacts, birth date, age, family members, background checks, court proceedings, criminal records, traffic citations, and more.
  • Cocofinder uses a massive data system that integrates several public record services and databases, each of which has billions of records. Therefore, it’s impossible to make any false information on public databases because of the integration with numerous public record services and databases.
  • Cocofinder is a public information search engine with quick searches to discover different data in its extensive databases dedicated to high-speed computing and next-generation technologies.
  • There is no data tracking in Cocofinder, and any of the numerous searches are not recorded. In addition, no other personal data are stored on Cocofinder’s servers.
  • The databases from Cocofinder and its public information search engines are treated as government public records, providing high accuracy searches for data sources.

Cocofinder Alternatives


The information provided by Truthfinder on your Background is always accurate and up to date. Their database includes County and State records and federal records, social media sites, and deep web data.

This data allows you to discover information about almost anybody in the United States. For example, you may use this service to examine those with whom your kid interacts, find if any sex offenders reside in the region, or even run your name to see what information is available.

If you’re curious, though, there is no free TruthFinder. You don’t get a free trial or the option to purchase reports one at a time. As a result, you must choose either one of the packages to use the search services.

If that isn’t what you wanted, there is a possibility that you’ll want to use a different service. Other sites, such as TruthFinder, provide background check services for free, as seen from our list.

Instant Checkmate

A comprehensive background site, instant Checkmate, is also a fantastic alternative. Complete Checkmate is an excellent background service that may provide you with a helpful report, starting with a name, phone number, address, or email. It’s precise and written in an easy-to-understand style that’s pleasant to read.

The site is not cluttered with advertising, making navigation simple. The search is quick and gives helpful suggestions to help you narrow down the results more quickly.

The service’s sources are updated regularly, so you can discover relevant information to assist you in locating the data you need for your family, business, or simply for your pleasure. That is why Instant Checkmate deserves a position on our list of the best background sites.

To access more than the basic information that allows you to contact the individual you’re interested in, you must upgrade your service. The data isn’t as complex or accurate as some of the other choices on this list, but it gets the job done adequately.


Another easy-to-use background checker that may assist you in obtaining information on someone is SpyDialer. Their search engine can help you discover who is behind a phone number, email address, physical address, or start a background check from the name.

Each of the four choices is placed above the search bar, so you can run whatever search you want. It’s a decent service, but it isn’t entirely free. For example, if you’re going to do a reverse phone lookup, you’ll only be able to conduct a limited number of free searches.

To get more information, you must first register and pay a membership fee. Information is obtained from social media sites and private registers, and address books. Consider the following points before utilizing SpyDialer to conduct a background check: not all searches are ignored.

For example, if you perform a voicemail reverse lookup, you might get a warning on the phone of the person you’re checking. If they call back using that number, they will hear a message informing them that someone has suspended their number.


Spokeo is another well-known lookup service. You may begin a search with various hints, including name, email, phone number, address, and even username.

To find potential matches for your criteria, they will go through numerous databases, including White Pages, social media profiles, and many other public sources.

In most cases, your search will result in a large number of results. For example, personal information may be found, including education and marital status, past residences, financial and lifestyle data, marriage and birth records, sex offenses (if any), and many other things.

However, the entire report is only accessible to paying members. There is a free version, but it simply gives limited information. If you want to learn more without having to pay, consider looking for a free Spokeo alternative.


CheckPeople is a good choice for getting a background check, and it won’t be difficult at all. The service was created to be as user-friendly and straightforward as possible, so they effectively filter the results.

When you know who you’re searching for, you may discover a wealth of intriguing information, including driving records, relatives, and even dating site accounts.

You may try the service for a week for $1 to inspect it out, but you’ll have to pay the regular price after that.

Final Thoughts

I hope with this post, you were able to know the significant benefits of Cocofinder.

However, if it doesn’t fulfill your requirement, you can always go ahead with either of the 5 Cocofinder alternative websites.

That’s all for now.

If you’ve got any questions regarding phone lookup services, don’t mind asking me in the comments section below.

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