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Dev Error 6068: Why it Occurs and How to Fix It

Dev Error 6068

Dev Error 6068 is a problem you may encounter when playing the Call Of Duty video game. It can be very annoying because it stops you from doing what you are working on.

In this article, I’ll explain this Dev Error 6068, why it happens, and how to fix it. I’ll also talk about things that might cause it, both with computer programs and with the actual computer hardware.

Then, I’ll go over some steps to help solve this problem whenever it pops up. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of what Dev Error 6068 is and how you can beat it when it tries to mess up with your system. Let’s get started –


When Does Dev Error 6068 Usually Happen?

This Dev Error 6068 doesn’t always behave the same way every time it occurs. It can pop up in different scenarios.

Often, it happens when you’re in the middle of playing Call of Duty, and then suddenly, boom! Dev Error 6068 appears, and all your PC programs stop working. Sometimes, it might appear when you start playing the game again. It’s unpredictable, making it necessary for you to learn how to deal with it.

Can the Computer Itself Cause Dev Error 6068?

Absolutely. Sometimes, your computer’s parts, or “hardware,” can also be a part of the problem. This usually happens when the computer parts aren’t quite right for the software you’re trying to use.

The hardware could be outdated, not powerful enough, or have insufficient storage or memory to run the software. Imagine trying to run a big, flashy video game on an old computer—it probably won’t work.

This doesn’t mean you need a new computer; it’s just that some parts might not be compatible with the installed software. Again, listing all of these parts would be too much to ask. So, I’ll be sharing these Dev Error 6068 fixes with you.

Fixes for Dev Error 6068

Dev Error 6068
Dev Error 6068

Software-specific Fixes

Sometimes, fixes must be specific to the software causing the issue. If you’re getting the Dev Error 6068 from a game, these are the few things you can do –

Update Your Game: Outdated game files can often cause Dev Error 6068. Ensure to keep your game updated to the latest version.

Update Drivers: Keep your computer’s drivers updated. Think of drivers as the software that helps your computer’s hardware understand what to do. If they’re old or out of date, they might not be able to understand everything, and this could cause errors. Updating them is like teaching them new words to understand better.

Check for System Updates: Always verify if any system updates are available. Updating your system ensures it can handle the game without causing problems.

Lower the Game’s Settings: High settings may overwork your system, resulting in Dev Error 6068. Consider reducing the game’s settings, especially if your rig does not meet its recommended requirements.

Run the Game as an Administrator: Running the game as an administrator gives it all the necessary permissions, which might fix Dev Error 6068.

Reinstalling the game: Consider reinstalling the game as a measure to reset and purge any latent errors. Uninstall the existing one and reinstall it afresh for a smooth experience.

Hardware-specific Fixes

Sometimes, it’s about helping your computer play nice with the software. Here are some general tips:

Boost Performance: Close other programs while using the one causing the error. This gives your computer more resources to focus on running that game alone. It’s like decluttering your desk to focus better on your homework!

Check Hardware Requirements: Make sure your computer meets the “system requirements” for the software. These are guidelines given by the software maker that tell us what our computer needs to run the software properly. If we follow them, it’s like using the right ingredients to bake a perfect cake!

Preventing Dev Error 6068

We’ve learned how to handle Dev Error 6068, but let’s see how we can keep this annoying error far away so it doesn’t cause those problems in the first place.

Keep Your Software Up to Date!

Regularly check for software updates, and always use the newest version when possible. So, be on the lookout for any news about updates from the software’s creators.

Best Practices for Using Software

  • Keep your computer clean: Just like it’s good to wash your hands, keep your computer clean by running antivirus software and regularly scanning for bugs or viruses.
  • Do some research: Before downloading a new program, read reviews or ask your friends about it. Only use software from trusty sources!
  • Don’t overwork your computer: Close some other programs if your computer seems sluggish. It’s like giving your computer a break to catch its breath.

Hardware Updates and Upgrades.

Lastly, upgrading might be time if your computer can’t handle the software causing Dev Error 6068. Think of it like getting a giant, more powerful bicycle when you’re too big for your old one.

  • Check the system requirements for the software and compare them to your computer’s parts. It might be time for an upgrade if you’re missing something or it’s not powerful enough.
  • Ask an expert—like a parent, teacher, or someone knowledgeable about computers—for advice on upgrading your computer safely and correctly.


Have you faced Dev Error 6068 before? How did you tackle it? I invite you to share your experiences to help others with the same error. And don’t hesitate to comment or leave any questions. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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