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Download UFC 2 Now To Get Realistic MMA Experience

ea sports ufc 2

EA Sports UFC 2 is a fighting video game available on Playstation 4 & Xbox One. This beautiful game is Developed by EA Canada under the direction of Brian Hayes. The game is a big hit among all age groups due to its advanced features and quality experience. Its popularity can be easily observed by looking at its sales number. It is the 28th best selling game of 2016 and 9th most downloaded game on PS4 in the year 2017.

Right now it reached number 2 in the UK sales chart, Number 6 in European download Sales Chart, Number 2 in Australia, Number 2 in American sales chart and number 10 in the download chart. Today here you will get overall information about the game with a review. All this will make you able to judge the game or give it a try. So, without wasting any more time lets get started. It is a video game based on the real Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The championship organises the fighting match in which players can use techniques from several martial arts. It is a full contact combat sport that is quite popular among youngsters and kids.

ea sports ufc 2
ea sports ufc 2

Mind-Blowing Features of EA Sports UFC 2 Video Game

Some key points which take this game to the next level as compared to regular fight games are:

  • Modes- The game offers different modes that are career mode, practice mode, ultimate mode, knockout mode.
  • Career Mode – In this mode you can customise and create your own fight they can customise everything but use at least one real fighter and maintain their ranks.
  • KnockOut Mode – This mode is slightly different than others as you can win only through knockout the stamina bars are not available in this mode.
  • Practice Mode – As the name suggests in this mode you can try several fight moves to combat with your favourite opponent and prepare yourself for the knock out mode.
  • Ultimate Mode – This mode gives you a never-ending excitement as a fighter will come one after another and you have to win all in order to become champion.
  • Characters- The game offers a wide variety as you can choose from 250 characters including male and female.
  • New Referees- Added with new referees Herb Dean, Dan Miragliotta, Yves Lavigne, Mario Lamasaki all these made their first appearance.
  • A.I.– Advance Artificial Intelligence changes player strategy during the mid-game makes playing this game more realistic and challenging.
  • New knockout System- The all-new Knockout Physics System allows you to damage the opponent impactfully by choosing a good set of moves.
  • Female Fights In Career Mode- Addition of female fights in career mode is another bonus for gamers.
  • Grapple Assist – The virtual tool has been added to the game acts as helping hand or visual guide to the player.
  • Customizations- Now you can customise fight or participate in multiplayer fights.


After playing the game I can say the game resembles almost like real life UFC. In the game, you can choose your player, and customize other things like venue, rules including the opponent. The game offers real like graphics which doubles the fun of playing. You can choose from various attack modes like kick, submission, punches, takedown. The features that make you excited are damage meter which shows the player’s damage suffered during the fight. Other tempting factors that make you entertained are crowd, referees, octagon girls, and live commentary by Joe Morgan and Mike Goldberg.

Supported Platforms By EA Sports UFC 2

  • You can Play UFC 2 Xbox one after purchasing it from the official website of the Microsoft at 1500 Indian rupees only.
  • If you are PS4 user then click on this Link to purchase this game from the official website of PlayStation at 1499 INR only.

Controversy with the Game

As nothing is perfect same goes with EA Sports UFC 2. The game faced a controversy with the appearance of Khabib Nurmagomedov which is a Russian mixed martial artist. In the game, character crosses himself with a Christian Sign Cross on winning the match. But the player Khabib is a Sunni Muslim and doesn’t tolerate this thing. Later on, EA apologized and said that they will cut the disputed scene from the game.


To sum up I would say that UFC 2 is equipped with advanced features which give a real match like feeling while playing the game. Do not forget that it is an official game based on UFC and features several UFC stars in it. Still finding any difficulty with the content or with the game kindly mention it below in comment box. Our team will try their best to answer your queries in our upcoming blogs. Enjoy life by playing realistic EA Sports UFC 2 video game a real thrill with the quality experience.

Besides, I hope you like the content and find it helpful. If you liked the article do share it with your friends and family members. The article is created to help readers and make them aware of different aspects of the game. The things you got to know here are accurate and cross-checked with official sources. As per my personal experience, I would strongly recommend the game. As this is not just another fighting game.


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