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Comparison Between Nougat, Oreo And Android P

Android has launched its latest version Oreo and it is already used by the users of Google Phones such as Nexux 5X and Pixel. Most of the Android phones will receive the updates of the newly released Oreo in their phones from the starting of 2018. As of you will get the update whenever they send it. As of now there is one version of Android is running successfully on the market and the Android users are mostly satisfied with Nougat.

But the developers of Android has already declared that a new version is on the line which will be released after the journey of Oreo. We know most of the features of both Nougat and Oreo and only rumors about Android P. So here in this post we will discuss the comparison between Nougat, oreo and Android P to the extent we can find the data. Now without further to do let us evaluate all the things that we currently know about these three versions of Android.

Key Features of Nougat:

Nougat that is currently available on the market and has a large number of users is being loved because of its amazing features. So following are the features of Nougat.

  • Grouped notification is one of the best features that is being given by Google. With Nougat version the notification is grouped in one package that you can expand to see and hide with collapse only with one tap.
  • In Nougat You can now use more than one app at the same time.
  • The quick settings file can be expanded by only swipe the down twice.
  • Security features have improved the protection of the private directories.
  • You can change the font size of your display and it is one of the latest features that is being added to Nougat.
  • Automatic data transaction is not there in Nougat that saves more data.
  • It supports multiple languages and many new emojis are being added to it.

Key Features of Oreo:

The time oreo hit the market has made a huge impact due to its features. So let us discuss some of the features of Oreo.

  • You can run more than two apps simultaneously by the split screen features provided in it.
  • Fastest boot is available in Oreo so that the performance of your device becomes fast.
  • Contextual press-to-hold option will help you to copy an address and paste it into Google maps.
  • The audio performance is much better than the last version of Android. Now you can hear music with more clarity.
  • You can now see the notification over the icon of any app present on your device.
  • New emojis are added with the older emojis present in Android.

Key Features of Android p:

New rumored baby of Android is going to be released on the market soon. So here are some of the features that we got to know from the company insiders.

  • You will get Multi-camera APIs with Android P.
  • Other notification updates and Messaging Style.
  • It will save your data by the advanced feature of data cost sensitivity.
  • APIs cutout Display.
  • You can extend your apps and will run faster than other versions.
  • Can use multiple apps at the same time without facing any difficulty.

Comparison Between Nougat and Oreo:

  • As compare to Nougat the latest version of Oreo is much faster in case of performance.
  • Oreo improves the longevity of the battery of your device so that you can use it for a longer time without attaching it to the charger.
  • Oreo provided you a notification with a snooze that will be there for a certain amount of time. This facility is not possible in Oreo.
  • Oreo has a much easy to use interface than Nougat.
  • The Audio Quality of Oreo is also better then Nougat.

Comparison Between Oreo and Android p:

  • Android P has added a Notch to their version.
  • Multi-camera API is provided in Android P so that dual camera can be used more efficiently than Oreo users.
  • Better quick setting and notification feature are provided in Android P than Oreo.
  • There is a pixel dock in Android P which is not there in Oreo.
  • Some differences are there in the settings menu but still, the old setting menu replica is there.

Comparison Between Nougat and Android p:

  • Multi-camera API is not there in Nougat but available in Android P.
  • The pixel dock is absent in Nougat.
  • The settings menu is a little bit different than Nougat.
  • It is must faster to use than Nougat.
  • Notification and Quick settings are better in Android P than nougat.

As per our research, we have shown you the comparison between Nougat, Oreo And Android P. As Android P is not released so we have a little information regarding it. So in case, there is any information you want to add then share with us.

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