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Legendary Ptcgo Lost in the Mail? Really


We all love Ptcgo as they have gathered a huge fan force behind it. The concept of Ptcgo came into existence in 1996. Which is a long span of time and due to which there are several heritage cards and these are being sold on big price tags. 

Do you know? A player from New York has purchased a Ptcgo for $60,000. No this is not the news? how do you react if I tell you that he hasn’t received it?

Yes…. it is true, besides the high price paid for the card its tragic moment that even after a year the new owner still not able to get it. Why did it happen? To know full fledge details about the incident read till the end.


Why the Buyers didn’t get Ptcgo?

No, the seller was not a fraud person. Yup … he was a Pokemon fan and Collecting Ptcgpo from last several years. Actually, the valuable card was sent through a courier mail service. Rest you all now still it is not delivered the possibilities indicates that ptcgo is stolen or lost during mail procedure. 

As per a Youtuber smpratte also a Ptcgo Enthusiast said in a video that he knew both of them and they did almost everything that is needed to do it legally. The card which is lost is a Trainer No.3 which was given as an award to the winner in a Japenese card game Tournament in the year 1999. The card was sold in August 2018 and for that an insurance costing $50,000 was done before being shipped to New York. What happened next is already known by everyone. 


How Ptcgo gets stolen in logistics?

It is believed that someone at the Postal department has taken an idea by checking the insurance amount. After getting an idea that there is something precious in the packet the person directly stole it. Another theory states that the package got misplaced during sorting hub lost only. 

After the incident the postal didn’t give an immediate response to the complaint. The Buyer declared a $1,000 to the person who will help in locating the card and now Postal department has started an investigation for the Ptcgo. 

Is Ptcgo sold at such a High Price?

Actually, It is rare that Ptcgo being sold at such a high price. Still, there are several examples where Ptcgo sold at high prices. Some of the Pokemon Trading cards sold at a high price are as follows:  

  • Illustrator Pickachu card sold for $54,970.
  • The first edition set of cards in Box sold for $54970.
  • Yu -Gi-Oh Card was on sale for $400,000. 

Yup it’s costlier than a Lamborghini and for your information. Trainer No 3 is the rarest card of Pokemon due to the fact that it is sold at a higher price tag.

The card holds a historic value as it was given as a reward in 1999 to the third-place winner Ptcgo competition in Japan. The competition was called Super Secret Battle it is very unlikely to have this card in your collection unless you have a duplicate copy or something similar to it. 

The card sent with an insurance cover of $50,000 and the carrier used is USPS another fact is insurance amount was the greatest possible amount that can be done article sent on mail. The seller told that his responsibility was to safely post the card and rest he has just tracking details only.


Did they get insurance claim?

No, unfortunately they can’t claim as the lot was signed. Actually, the office at other end said they didn’t receive the it but signed for the random lot. Which is the main reason insurance claim cannot be filed.  It is still not clear that card was stolen by someone or what happened to it really. 

Don’t fell that the person who gets this card is able to make a good amount. As selling this card is not easy job as it is a rare card which is well known and popular. It is already registered in the directory for collectors even the card can not be taken out of the plastic covering. As it will make an immediate tampering effect.


That’s all for now, I hope you like the information shared above and will share it with your friends and family members. The incident is shocking as how can a reputed courier service can commit this kind of mistake. I will think several times before sending anything through postal or courier service next time.

I also feels it was the badluck of buyer or he is such a poor person that he sucesfully managed to purchase the card but didn’t receive it even after paying full price. The negligence of buyer is seen as he remains silent for more than a 12 months usually a post arrives withing 3-4 weeks not more than that.

What is your opinion regarding the incident is it the fault of buyer, seller or the courier company mention it below in the comment box

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