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Importance of Magnifying Glass in Your Smart Phone

It’s a generally expected issue: Some things are simply too difficult to even consider seeing. For the most part, they’re excessively far away, excessively dull, or excessively little. With a component called Magnifier, how to use your iPhone as magnifying glass can easily be answered and shown.

What Is Magnifier?

Magnifier is an application incorporated into iOS 10 and up that permits you to utilize your iPhone’s camera as a shoddy amplifying glass or telescope.

Certain individuals with sight issues utilize the Camera application for a comparable capacity, however, Magnifier incorporates additional provisions planned explicitly to assist with sight debilitations.

For instance, you may require help perusing little text on a menu or a far-off sign with befuddling shadings or low-contrast lettering. In those cases, Magnifier is an optical device.

Step by Step Instructions to Enable Magnifier on Your Iphone

To utilize Magnifier, you should first empower it in Quite a while. Dispatch Settings by tapping on its symbol, which resembles a gear. (It’s normally on the primary page of your Home screen or in the Dock.)

In Settings, swipe down the rundown until you discover Accessibility and tap on it.

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In the Accessibility menu, tap “Magnifier.” In the Magnifier settings, tap on the Magnifier flip change to turn it on.

From that point onward, leave Settings by getting back to the Home screen.

How to Rapidly Launch Magnifier on Iphone: an Effective Way

Whenever Magnifier has been empowered in Settings, there are two different ways to dispatch it: a unique button mix and a Control Center easy route.

For the button mix, how you dispatch it relies upon the kind of iPhone you have.

iPhones with a Home button: Push the Home button multiple times.

magnifying glass

iPhones without a Home button: Push the side button multiple times.

When you tap the appropriate button multiple times, Magnifier will show up on the screen.

Step by Step Instructions to Launch Magnifier Using Control Center

You can likewise dispatch Magnifier from Control Center on the off chance that you empower its alternate route in Settings.

To do as such, explore Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. In the “More Controls” list, find “Magnifier” and tap on it.

It will then, at that point, be added to your “Incorporate” list at the highest point of the page.

Once empowered, dispatch “Control Center” on iPhones with a Home button by swiping vertically from the lower part of the screen.

On iPhones without a Home button, swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen. Tap on the amplifying glass symbol to dispatch the Magnifier.

Instructions to Use Magnifier

When you dispatch Magnifier, you will see a screen that looks the same as Apple’s Camera application. Magnifier utilizes your iPhone’s implicit camera equipment to show whatever you’re pointing at on the screen. It tends to be utilized in vertical or even direction.

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Just underneath the live picture region, you will track down a little control region. The slider at the top capacities as a zoom highlight, changing the size of the picture. From left to directly beneath that, you see the accompanying controls:

Light button (lightning symbol): This turns on your iPhone’s LED for brightening in a dim setting.

Lock focus button (latch symbol): This locks the emphasis on an item you have tapped on regardless of whether you move the picture around.

Freeze outline button (circle): This freezes the live picture so you can get a consistent gander at it, change its zoom size, and that’s just the beginning.

Filters button (three interlocking circles): This opens a menu that allows you to change brilliance and differentiation, backward the tones on the picture, or apply shading channels that might conceivably help individuals with partial blindness or other sight hindrances.

While seeing a live picture, you can zoom in and out utilizing either the squeeze to-zoom motion or the slider bar.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you freeze the picture utilizing the circle button, you can zoom in and out and move the frozen picture around with your fingers to improve take a gander at something, regardless of whether you focus it entirely the initial time.

You can likewise save or offer the picture you have frozen by holding your finger down on the picture until a little air pocket springs up with “Save Image” and “Share” choices. Tap on the choice you’d prefer to utilize.

magnifying glass

On the off chance that you experience difficulty making out certain subtleties in the live scene or a picture you’ve frozen, tap on the three circles in the lower-right corner of the screen, and you’ll track down a noteworthy cluster of shading channel choices.

The two sliders control the brilliance and differentiation of the picture, while the shading channels change the shading tone of the picture. They incorporate white/blue, yellow/blue, grayscale, yellow/dark, and red/dark choices.

You can likewise transform the shades of the picture (making it a negative picture) with any of the shading channel choices by tapping on the button in the lower-left corner that resembles two squares with bent bolts between them.

Assuming you need to leave the shading channels choices, tap on the three circles in the lower-right corner of the screen, and you will get back to the first control choices.

At the point when you’re finished with Magnifier, you can leave the utility on an iPhone with a Home button by pressing the Home button once. On iPhones without a Home button, slide your finger up from the lower part of the screen until the Home screen shows up.

The best part is that you can get back to Magnifier rapidly any time you wanted (as long as it’s empowered), by either utilizing the button blend or summoning Control Center. Magnifier even chips away at the lock screen. It’s only one more iPhone openness include that can make life simpler for everybody.


I hope this would answer your question about how to use your iPhone as magnifying glass. Feel free to pen down your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section. Peace out!

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