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5 Best New Vegas Builds a Beginner Should Try

New Vegas Builds

As a hardcore gamer, I love to try out new gaming genres available online.

Last time I shared my 10-favorite otome games to play. Then after getting bored from these casual games, I wanted to try something new & got to know about an open world-video game – Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout: New Vegas is a decade-old game that’s relatively easy to play.

Still, some might find it hard, especially the new vegas builds.

So, going ahead in this post, I’ll share 5 of my favorite Fallout: New Vegas Builds. Let’s get started with it:

The Space Alien From Earth

The Alien Blaster in Fallout: New Vegas Builds list is a fantastic energy weapon. This weapon is ideal for a Courier with laser weapons. Moving forward, you may find the Alien Blaster to the north of Horowitz Farmstead. However, to earn it, you must fight several Aliens that come in your way.

Furthermore, if you hope to become Nevada’s very own extraterrestrial one day, there’s one thing that you need to guarantee –  Start with the Wild Wasteland perk. So, whenever an opponent is near you, a critical hit can cause them damage of 75.

The Chainsaw Wastelander

In New Vegas, chainsaw-type weapons include the Ripper and the Gun Runner’s Arsenal Chainsaw. Chainsaws are a powerful weapon that deals continual damage rather than repeatedly dealing damage against the opponent.

Chainsaws may be likened to the submachine gun of melee weapons. In addition, characters carry rippers from Vault 3; defeating them is the quickest way to obtain one.

Many Wastelanders are unaware of the existence of these weapons in New Vegas, so it’s a build that you’ve undoubtedly never attempted. However, combining a chainsaw with power armor produces one of the mightiest characters possible in New Vegas.

Melee Warrior

In Fallout, a melee character is quite tricky. Many foes are stronger and more deadly in hand-to-hand combat than you are, so it’s a gamble every time you approach them; also, Deathclaws.

The problematic aspect of a melee character is that you must wear light armor to approach enemies swiftly enough that their guns will not shred you to pieces. Still, when forced into a head-up fight against many opponents armed with weapons, light armor will not aid you much.

If you aren’t very good at the game, this character may be difficult to play. You’ll need to utilize powerful weapons, target sensitive areas, and then chop away at them.

You may not utilize VATs against a specific player. It would be best if you did things manually because VATs can only target the enemy in general. For example, when cutting away at an opponent, aim for their limbs or the top of their head to limit their fighting abilities and win instantly.

The Trader

Have you had the desire to get away from it all and relax, perhaps for a few days?

Also, did you ever wish for a quiet life with the main character of a game?

This build is made for you. The Trader emphasizes communication and bartering, with a particular emphasis on social abilities over combat. The Trader’s primary objective is to stop the fighting and begin supplying the Mojave with anything it can find. You’ll be concentrating on transporting from city to city to make the most money on your

The Trader is a unique way to diversify your gameplay from the norm, and it’s a lot of fun discovering new methods to play. In addition, it’s exciting finding a different approach to play the game, focusing on the game’s real economy.

When using this build, your main objective is to increase your money, and you will be doing a lot of exploration to accomplish it.

It’s an excellent class for a survival game, which is one of the reasons it was included on the list. A survival playthrough in this course transforms the game into something more like a survival thriller experience.

The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger is a combat-focused class who specializes in handguns and old-style rifles. This build focuses on all of the weapons that are enhanced by the cowboy perk.

You’ll be mostly fighting the numerous assailants of the Mojave’s residents in this playthrough. This build is a force to be reckoned with, utilizing explosives and a bowie knife to cover situations your revolver may not address.

The Gunslinger new vegas build truly captures the game’s atmosphere. Wandering through the wastelands as a lone cowboy makes you feel like you’re in an old western film.

Blowing up your enemies with revolvers and dynamite is gratifying. However, the gear you employ for this build maintains the difficulty at an adequate level. You will never be too weak, but you will never be too strong in terms of firepower.

With this build’s emphasis on agility and action points, you’ll become a vats machine and have some spectacular fights to watch.

The Sweet Talker

I’m a little prejudiced in this category. The Sweet Talker is my favorite because it’s the greatest. In my view, there isn’t anything better than this construction.

From amusing and unexpected circumstances to winning fights, it comes with nothing more than a few remarks. But, in my view, the Sweet Talker is the most powerful build in the series.

Nothing boosts your ego like manipulating every scenario to go your way with the help of your words. But, in most cases, you’ll be able to adapt yourself.

This allows you to access areas and quests that you would otherwise be unable to access due to a lack of skills. It will also gain you, pals, you wouldn’t have been able to attract in any other way.

This allows you to keep rolling in the caps, whether due to your gambling skills or persuasion abilities.


When playing this open-world game, a beginner might find it hard to pick the right new vegas builds.

That’s why this post will help you in selecting the right ones.

And once you’ve opted for either of the five builds, you would be ready to go out onto the battlefield and have a fight of your life.

That’s all for now.

After playing these five new vegas builds, which one did you like the most?

Do share with us in the comments section given below.

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