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Overlord season 4 Story, Cast and Release date for its Viewers

Overlord season 4

Overlord season 4 is an animated television series based on the light novel of Japanese writer Kugane Maruyama. The television series has successfully completed three seasons. Overlord launched its first season on 7th July 2015 and ended on 29th September 2015. Thereafter the second season of Overlord started from 9th January 2018 up to 3rd April 2018. The third season of the series started on the 10th of July 2018 and ended on 2nd October, 2018.

The game was later on launched in the English version on Netflix and showed all its three seasons successfully. The series was an immense success and there are several followers of Overlord all around the world.

We were expecting Overlord season 4 this year but due to the global pandemic, you can expect launching of Overlord season 4 at the starting of 2021.

The Overlord is based on a development advanced gaming interface designed in the 22nd Century. This advanced multiplayer online game is called YGGDRASIL. This game is highly interactive for the users and users will feel that they are directly connected with the game. After 12 years, when the game servers are going to shut down then one character named Momonga. When everyone quits due to the shutting of servers of the game, Momonga waited till the last moment but he has been trapped in the game and not able to log out from the game.

Story of Overlord season 4

We are expecting that season 4 is full of many more challenges for Aniz. After the rise of his powers, he will certainly face some new challenges to prove his capabilities and to consolidate the powers.

Season 4 is going to be more intense as Aniz killed its enemies in the last season and due to these acts, he will face more difficulties in Season 4. The producers of Overlord claiming that Season 4 of Overlord is going to be more excited for its viewers.

The cast of Overlord Season 4

The earlier cast of Overlord was performing their role excellently and we are hoping that most of the characters of the earlier cast will be repeated again.  The roles played by Satoshi Hino, Yumi Hara, Manami Numakara, Masayuki Katou, and Sumire Uesaka are surely going to repeat this season also because of their powerful performances.

 Confirmed Release Date of Overlord Season 4

The last season of Overlord was ended in the year 2018. From then it is almost two years that the viewers are eagerly waiting for the release of Season 4 of Overlord. Earlier there were chances that Season 4 will be going to be released in 2020.

But now due to the outbreak of a global pandemic, it is not possible to release the show this year. So we are hopeful that Season 4 will be released in the starting months of the year 2021. Till now there is no confirmed date of release of Overlord Season 4 so the viewers must have to keep their patience and wait for a few months more.

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If you are eagerly waiting for the release of season 4 for overlord than you need to extend your patience like me and wait for some more time. For any suggestions, feedback, and query, you can comment here and I would love to hear from you.

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