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7 Reasons Why You Should Pause Peloton Membership

Pause Peloton Membership

Have you ever signed up for a Peloton membership and then regretted it?

I have! Every month, I pay the $39 fee to have unlimited access to all of the classes on the Peloton bike.

But I only use my Peloton about once every three months due to an injury or just not having time.

This can be extremely frustrating when you’re paying all that money each month without getting any use out of it!

So what are some reasons why you should pause your membership with Peloton, and how can you go about doing so?

Why Should You Pause Peloton Membership?

Reason 1: Financial Savings

Pausing your Peloton membership can save you money during periods when you’re not fully utilizing the service. If you use the platform less frequently due to changes in your routine, temporary loss of interest, or other commitments, suspending your membership can prevent unnecessary expenses.

By pausing the subscription, you avoid paying for a service that you’re not actively using, allowing you to allocate those funds to other areas of your budget.

This can be particularly helpful during times of financial stress or when prioritizing other expenses. Once your situation changes and you’re ready to make the most of your Peloton membership again, you can easily reactivate your subscription and resume enjoying the platform’s benefits.

Reason 2: Travel or Vacation

Pausing memberships offers numerous advantages for frequent travelers. It leads to significant cost savings, preventing expenditure on unused services during vacations. This flexible pause feature ensures membership benefits aren’t wasted, with the option to resume once back from travel.

Additionally, travelers often miss out on membership perks while away. Pausing the membership solves this issue, allowing them to utilize opportunities upon their return fully. This maximizes value and avoids any sense of missed opportunities.

Furthermore, a paused membership reduces stress. Knowing the membership is on hold alleviates the pressure to use the service while on vacation, enabling complete relaxation and enjoyment of the trip.

Reason 3: Injury or Health Issues

Pausing Peloton memberships due to health issues or injuries is essential. It allows individuals to focus on recovery without wasting fees. This preventative measure discourages excessive service use, preventing further complications or prolonged recovery.

Additionally, pausing membership offers financial relief amidst medical expenses. It alleviates the stress of feeling obligated to use the service, prioritizing well-being.

Reactivating membership after recovery is seamless, ensuring a smooth transition back into the fitness routine. Peloton services accommodate the varying needs of members with convenience and ease.

Reason 4: Trying Other Fitness Options

Exploring fitness alternatives is a reason Peloton members pause their subscriptions. Seeking variety in workouts, they desire to challenge their bodies with different programs. Pausing Peloton membership allows them to explore alternatives without feeling tied to the service.

Moreover, the break enables assessing personal fitness preferences. Experimenting with various programs reveals methods that align best with goals. Pausing membership allows exploration without financial constraints.

Blending multiple fitness approaches for optimal results is another consideration. Pausing membership allows testing this hypothesis, leading to a more comprehensive fitness regime.

Seasonal outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, or skiing entice members. A paused membership ensures they can fully immerse themselves in these activities without obligation to use Peloton services.

Importantly, pausing membership involves no commitment to change. After exploring alternatives, members can resume effortlessly if they rediscover a preference for Peloton. This low-risk pause option exemplifies Peloton’s commitment to flexibility and user-friendly services.

Reason 5: Seasonal Usage

Seasonal usage is a valid reason for Peloton members to pause their subscriptions. During favorable weather conditions, like in spring and summer, members often prefer to exercise outdoors. A pause in their membership enables them to fully embrace these opportunities without being tied to indoor workouts.

The changing seasons might also inspire members to try new outdoor activities such as cycling, running, or swimming. These can offer a refreshing change from regular indoor exercises, and a paused membership grants the needed flexibility for such exploration.

For many, the motivation derived from outdoor workouts exceeds that from indoor sessions. Pausing the membership during outdoor-friendly seasons can help members maintain their fitness enthusiasm and workout consistency.

Additionally, outdoor activities present physical and mental benefits, like sunlight-induced vitamin D production and improved mental health through nature connection. A pause in membership allows members to harvest these benefits fully.

Once the outdoor-friendly season concludes, members can effortlessly resume their Peloton membership. This easy shift back to indoor workouts ensures a fluid fitness experience throughout the year, reflecting the flexibility and adaptability of Peloton’s services.

Reason 6: Limited Time

Limited time due to work or personal demands is a common reason Peloton members pause their subscriptions. Professional responsibilities, such as increased workload, business trips, or approaching deadlines, often limit the time available for workouts.

In such cases, pausing the membership allows members to focus on work commitments without the guilt of underutilizing Peloton’s services.

Personal or family commitments like caring for a newborn, supporting a family member, or planning a significant event can consume the time typically reserved for workouts. A pause in the membership during these periods helps members prioritize these critical responsibilities, freeing them from the worry of wasted membership fees.

Educational pursuits also merit a temporary halt in membership. Members engaged in higher education or training courses might face packed schedules, leaving little time for exercise.

A paused membership during these periods affords them the opportunity to concentrate on academic commitments, alleviating the pressure of incorporating workouts.

Temporary lifestyle changes, like moving to a new city, can also disrupt workout routines. Pausing the membership during these transitions offers the flexibility required to adapt to new circumstances without being tethered to their previous routines.

Finally, the burden of managing multiple responsibilities can be daunting, and the obligation to use Peloton services may exacerbate this stress. A pause in membership can alleviate this pressure, allowing members to focus on immediate priorities and return to their fitness routine when their schedule allows.

This adaptability underscores the user-centric design of Peloton’s services, catering to various individual needs and circumstances.

Reason 7: Assessment Period

Pausing their Peloton subscription for an assessment period allows members to reflect on their fitness objectives and evaluate if the service still aligns with their goals.

This break provides an opportunity for introspection, which can aid in making well-informed decisions about their fitness journey, thereby enhancing their engagement and satisfaction.

This pause also enables a review of usage patterns. Members can assess if they fully utilize Peloton’s offerings during this hiatus. This evaluation can shed light on areas for improvement or even the need to consider alternative fitness solutions, tailoring their fitness routine for optimum benefits.

During this assessment period, members can conduct a thorough financial review. They can consider the cost-value balance of their membership, ensuring the utility they gain from the service justifies its cost.

This financial evaluation can lead to informed decisions about their fitness budget, promoting effective use of resources.

Finally, the pause allows exploration of other fitness alternatives, enabling comparisons with Peloton’s services. Post the assessment; members can decide to reactivate their subscription, often with renewed commitment.

This intentional recommitment helps them extract maximum value from Peloton services, fostering a rewarding fitness experience.

pause peloton membership
pause peloton membership

How to Pause Peloton Membership?

To pause your membership, you can do the following:

  • Pausing your Peloton membership is easy. Simply log into your account online, navigate to the ‘Membership’ section, and select ‘Hold Membership.’
  • Follow the prompts to pause your membership for up to three months.

Remember, you can reactivate your membership anytime if you’re ready to return to your Peloton workouts earlier than expected.


I hope that I’ve given you some right reasons to pause your Peloton membership.

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