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3 Quick Ways to Pokemon GO Snooping | Virtual Location for Android & iOS

Few of the old cartoon shows are something that we always remember. Can you name them?

Dragon ball Z, Pokémon, Naruto were few of those animated cartoons which got lots of love from 90s kids and You know what, this makes me feel nostalgic.

Nowadays, to regain the old interest of people, various companies are trying to attract fans from various methods, one of them is to create Video games of popular shows.

Pokémon Go is one of such Recreation made by Niantic. The game was made by the collaboration of Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company.

What is this Pokemon Go Game About?

Pokémon Go is Mobile video game for Android and iOS users. This game use our GPS to capture, find , train, and battle virtual creatures such as Pokémon, Pikachu etc.

Pokémon Go was an instant hit because of its unique idea and common name which we heard in our childhood. Today, the total number of downloads of this game is 600 Million and still counting.

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But! But! But!

Since the corona hit the world and the whole pandemic, people are finding difficult to move around the street in search of Pokémon. During this hard time many companies have find the alternative of this problem, which is a fake location system for spoofing.

Pokemon GO Snooping

Let’s take a look on these Fake location app –

1. Fake GPS location

This app works as a teleportation machine and transfer you from one place to another. Don’t get confuse!

It’s just a simple app which requires simple processing to work, Just few clicks and you are done. Fake GPS location app is easy and requires few steps to follow. Furthermore it is free of cost and you can easily fake your location to your smart phone. Fake GPS location is available in Play store with over 10 Million plus download.

Pros –

  • Small in size
  • Easy to use
  • Free to install and use.

Cons –

  • Rotting required.
  • Lags and sometimes stop working.
  • Require restart everytime you switch setting from real gps location to fake or fake gps location to real.

On top of that, This app is rated 4.6 by the users means you can trust this app. Here, we have listed few of the “fake GPS location App” user reviews:

“ I had the app for a total 4 days before it stopped working. It worked flawlessly the first time I used it, and so I tried it again for two days later, and I guess it can only run for so long because the app had just turned itself off after few a hours. I had not turned it off and my phone never died. I opened it to find that it was no longer using the fake location after I hadn’t touch it since turning it on and needless to say I got in a while a lot of trouble for trusting this app”.

“ Great app, does exactly what is supposed to. Wish there were a favorite settings though so I don’t have to move around the map every time I opened the app”

Sometimes, this app worked like a charm and sometimes, it disappoint the users. And this time, more than the reviews, you need to try this app on our own because it also depends on android version compatibility and the type of game you want to play. Do you need real gps so oftenly or not? All these matters when it comes to choosing right fake gps location for any game especially pokemon go.

Keep scrolling for checking out more snooping apps…

2. PGSharp

Talking about the second one, PGSharp is another Fake GPS app which will give your Fake Location. Through this app you can travel virtually anywhere and found your favorite Pokémon for Pokémon Go. Unlike the ‘Fake GPS location’ this app actually doesn’t require rooting. This app is simple and can be handle easily by anyone. Moreover, this app is available for Android users only and can be downloaded through 2 mode.

The first being trial version that is absolute free for 7 days only and then you need to be the premium member of Pgsharp app.

PG Sharp app just cost you $5 and that’s too for 2 different smartphones.

Pros –

  • Manage user safety.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Requires no rooting.
  • Easily relocate to different Locations.

Cons –

  • Requires payment.

Just like Fake GPS Location, Let’s look at the review of people who uses it –

Kaichistrife from Reddit

I actually purchased this option as I couldn’t be bothered with the whole no-root method involving Google play and such. My only problem so far is with the newly implemented feed function, since it seems to not work for me at all, but this might be because I’m not level 30 yet. I consider it a great bargain, although I noticed today (had been years since I played PoGo) about is spoof and how it’s also 5 bucks a month and has a few more features. Since pgsharp is still new, I hope it continues to improve and take feedback seriously.

I’d give it 9/10 so far.”

“ I Downloaded this app but it soon stop working. Just waste of money and time.”

But as mentioned, this app is just available for Android operating system, what about Windows & iOS users?

You’ll find a lot of fake GPS app in market for iOS too but with lot of cons. No need to be confused in selecting the right “Fake GPS app” to enjoy games smoothly, Here, we are presenting you:

Pokemon GO Snooping

3. Dr. Fone – Virtual Location for iOS

Virtual location is especially built for iPhone users since there were many app for Android.

Furthermore, It provides 100% security and a secure way to go on spoofing. While playing Pokémon Go you can eventually travel anywhere around the world. You can go from Paris to Tokyo in one single click.

You can have a joystick to smooth GPS movement and this is amazing.

The best thing about Virtual location is that

  • It can support upto 5 devices and even manage their location.
  • It is build for both Windows and Mac.

How to use Dr. Fone – Virtual Location in iPhone ?

Don’t want to be in trouble while using Dr. Fone Virtual location app in your windows or in your iPhone Especially when you want snooping in pokemon go.

Just follow the simple & straight forward procedure to snoop for Pokemon go app:

Step 1 – Download Dr. fone Virtual Location in your device.

Step 2 – Click on Virtual Location and at the same time connect your iPhone with your Computer.

Step 3 – Click on Get Started.

Step 4 – Mark your Actual Location in the map.

If your actual location isn’t right then Click on “Center ON” which is located on the bottom right. It will show your Exact location.

Step 5 – On the top right corner of the option you’ll find a teleport mode, activate it.

Step 6 – Choose the place you want to teleport then click the Option GO.

And it is Done. You can choose any place in this World and Wooshh! You are there. Your location on your phone is changed.

But do you want pokemon go walking hack?

Don’t worry your actual position will not change in the real time world. However, it is made in such a way that it will accept your given position.

Pokemon GO Snooping

Review of Dr. Fone – Virtual Location

Reviews are helpful for understanding the product we’re checking. It will help us to understand the product much thoroughly. So, Let’s check the feedback of this app.

Satisfied for the function

By Victoria

I’m frustrated when many iOS apps ask to visit my location. Sometimes I have to allow and give permission though I’m not willing to. This program helps me to change the location and make it not real of my existing place. It protects my location privacy. I like it!

Enjoyed everything about this software

By Joanna

It works exactly what it was advertised, I got all the features that I need. I love it I can prank my friends like saying I’m in the UK.

Play AR without walking

By Luke

I can set a route on the map and make my geographical coordinates move along it, while I myself am not moving actually. This is cool in AR games.

Do you have any question related to pokemon go snooping? If yes, let us know in a comment section.

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