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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Amazon Prime Membership Deals

Amazon Prime Membership Deals

Wondering what will you get in Amazon prime membership Deals in 2019? 

It’s back again, The Black Friday on 15 July is going to be Amazon Prime Day. it is a day when one of the supreme online stores slashes price on kitchen tools, gadgets, appliance, cookware and much more. This year prime members exclusive access will last for 48 hrs making it longest prime day ever.

Here you can find deals on almost everything like 4ktv to Laptops. You can also read Must have home appliances article to find what you need and buy in season of discount or grab a Amazon Prime Deal. But the season is also known for more noise to navigate through don’t worry as I am here to help you unpack everything that you need to know. 

Amazon Prime Membership Deals
Amazon Prime Membership Deals

Amazon Prime Membership Deals: Things you need to know 

Prime days are exclusively for Prime members only that’s why I like to say it as Amazon Prime Membership Deals. If you are not a Prime member you can sign up for a free trial here.

  • The celebration will start at 2:59 a.m. ET on July 15 Monday.
  • This year Prime day will expand itself from 36 hours to 48 hours.
  • Best things to buy on Amazon Prime Day is Amazon devices.
  • Amazon will provide great deals on Tv, Apple device, smart kitchen appliances.
  • If you are finding non-tech deals don’t worry as you will get plenty of other deals including whole food prime day deals. 
  • Expect competitive offer from Amazon rivals Walmart, Target, Best Buy

When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

The event where you will get exclusive Amazon Prime Membership Deals is going to be 48 hrs long and will start midnight of July 15(Monday). This year it is going to be the longest event full of deals all around the world. 

What is Amazon Prime Day?                

Amazon started prime day sale in 2015 to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The overwhelming response made it an every year ritual of organising a global deal-a-thon. Last year, It does a sale of more than $1 Billion. Amazon Prime Membership deals concept has been a massive success that from last two years Amazon extending it by adding more hours and deals. 

What time do Amazon Prime Membership Deals Begin?

When Prime days started they began early in the morning but after a couple of years. The time has been kept changing and this year it is going to start at 2:59 a.m. on 15 July. Amazon is already running commercials flashing early prime day sneak peeks. 

What if you don’t have Prime Membership?

Actually, Prime day is a thank you to its members. So, to grab a Amazon Prime Membership Deal it is must to have a prime membership. However, If you are not a Prime member don’t worry as you can opt for free prime membership trial which Amazon offers for 30 days. After trial period you can keep your membership by just paying $199 for a year. You can also cancel your membership at any point of time you want. Apart from this, there will be some deals available for non-prime members but as these are Prime days obviously the major price cuts are meant to benefit prime members. 

Amazon Prime Membership Deals will be available around the world?

The answer is No, As in previous year the prime days are celebrated in total seven countries only. Which includes U.S., U.K.,Singapore, Spain, Japan, Italy, Singapore, Netherland, Luxembourg, India, Germany, France, Canada, China, Belgium, Austria and Australia. This year it is expected that Prime Day will add United Arab Emirates in the list making total of 18 countries. 

What Amazon Prime Membership Deals you can expect?

Actually, no one knows what exactly offer Amazon will provide to its prime members. Every year it surprises everyone with mind-boggling deals. After observing the trend of previous sales I will provide you details which are most wanted and expected with great offers this year. 

Amazon devices – As prime days are organised by Amazon so it is obvious that some of the best deals will be on Amazon devices. You can get some of the best amazon devices at steep price cuts like Echo dot, Echo shows, Amazon Fire Tablet, Amazon Fire Tv Stick, Kindle etc.

Alexa Enabled Devices – This category has some of the best selling products every year on Prime Days. You can expect deals on products like smart bulb, security cameras, video doorbells and other smart home products. You can also find these products bundled with Echo smart speakers offering additional savings. 

Tv & LEDs – This is an essential device for every home and many people wait for sales season to buy one. It is seen that Amazon always drop prices on Toshiba Fire TVs along with some models of TCL too. 

Wireless Headphones – Everyone needs a headphone to listen up music while travelling or sitting your office. With the advent of technology wired headphones are now wireless which adds style. So you can expect a price drop on headphones of Sony, Bose, Beats etc.


Smartwatches – With the advent of wearable smart technology smartwatches are becoming a necessary part of life. As these help one to keep an eye on steps, calories, heart rate, sleep tracking etc.

Kitchen gadgets – Like any big sales event kitchen appliances will receive solid price cuts. Instant pots, Blenders, juicers, air fryers, microwave etc. will likely get discount throughout Prime day celebration 2019.

Gaming Gadgets – Like Cyber Monday Sale, The Amazon Prime Membership deals will be on gaming gadgets and consoles. So, You can look for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 etc as these are the best devices for gaming and hardly gets discounted ever.


Hey fellas, I hope you are now well aware about Amazon Prime Membership deals and ready to grab some deals for sure this year. I personally make efforts to help readers like you to get best deals on quality products and services. The information shared here is full of details like availability, brands, products etc. Be sure to check before you make any purchase also do not forget to mention your valuable feedback and suggestion in the comment box below. 



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