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Temple Run 2 vs Subway Surfers: Which one is better

Both endless running type games the Temple Run 2 and subway surf has already made a name-fame for itself as the most viral game back in 2018. Though Subway Surfers game, although being new in the market it has already a huge supporting back force of gamers behind it.

Both games with aiming the same objective is to keep running as far as you can by overcoming obstacles and difficulties and should keep collecting as many coins/tokens as possible. Though this may seem to be a long run game it has a long run enjoyment too. You have to choose wisely whom you want to spend time with.

temple run 2 vs subway surfers
temple run 2 vs subway surfers

Temple Run 2 vs Subway Surfers: Which runner game is best to play?

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 has been under the list of the best ten android games to be played in 2019. The temple run developers have pretty much-paid attention to the Temple run 2 and is successfully able to maintain the setting of Indiana Jones-like atmosphere. As like in the previous part of Temple run the scenery inside of the second game is not repeated.

The gameplay of TR 2 is same, you have to control your avatar exactly like in the previous version, by swishing parts and keep swiping the screen up and down to jump or slide, left and right to turn along with facing different obstacles. While playing TR 2 you will be amazed to experience the jungle map where everything seems like an obstacle.

To keep scoring more your character should keep moving into the path of coins you have to tilt your device. With the latest version update of Temple Run 2, you can get to the addict of the graphics and scenery and all about obstacles in completing the game. Your character will catch its pace and will regulate its speed on his own over time. Also if you are willing to download the Temple Run 2 apk to play with typical hacks then you are at right place. There is the well-described guide on how you can install the hack game on your android start cracking the scores.

All above is taking this to the next level with more difficulties and sudden movements, forcing you to focus on not only on the next turn or obstacle but also on accumulating as many coins/tokens as possible. You can use these coins in temple run 2 to unlock new characters, power-ups and character abilities of your player. There is a bonus in the which is of gems try collecting out more and more this will make you enter the losing match again from the same point.

Subway Surfers

Following Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers is more padded with colors. Subway surf is more appealing to today’s younger generation but other ages may find it too. It’sfascinable too and more alike identical in terms of gameplay to Temple Run 2. Subway Surfers keep carrying one major demerit however, it’s not well suited and optimized as such that it could handle more for all tablets and smartphones but anyhow it may be still playable.

From the very first time on the entrance, you will see the makeover of the game is more appealing than Temple Run 2. The main targets of the game is the teenage kids who spend his time crafting graffiti on the walls. The game continues into an endless running scenario when the other protagonist the policeman and his dog try to catch the kid. Talking about the controls it has the same gameplay controls as Temple Run but will have to only focus on the swiping movements.

You’ll have to dodge trains and collect tokens while keeping as much distance as possible from the obstacles. This makes you jump between moving trains and also put some more gap between you and your chaser. If you are lad enough to collect and play ethically, you can also install subway surfer where you will be introduced to the unlimited coins, lives, and takeovers of several times.


Last but not least there’s really no telling which one you will go for most. If you want a more classy experience, then Temple Run 2 is more for your type. Also if you are thinking of the best offline game for free to play this above are well-suited for you. It’s much more unbeatable than Subway Surfers, and when you make a mistake you immediately die.

Subway Surfers is proved and well versed for all the ages games with more casualty and it’s enjoyable for everybody. Here keeping in mind both the games offer the chance to pay for in-game items, with high powered power-ups or characters, but in my choice, the struggle of unlocking things in the game by yourself is much more rewarding and fruitful. Besides, if you have any other questions then let us know via the comment section.


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