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Mangazuki: 5 Top Alternatives in 2021

Mangazuki Alternative Sites

Somewhere around March 2020, when the lockdown was getting imposed all around the globe because of the covid-19 pandemic, I used to suck at READING.

I don’t know why, but as soon as I take a book in my hand, I fall asleep on the second page.

Then one day during the lockdown period, I had nothing important to do.

So, I picked up my smartphone & started playing Call of Duty Mobile.

OK, but what this has to do with your newborn hobby of reading manga?

Well, one of my in-game friends was bragging about his knowledge of manga.

The conversation went to such an extent that I took it on myself & started reading manga from that day onwards.

Can you guess the name of the manga with which it all started?

It was DeathNote.

To be honest, initially, I had my doubts.

However, I did some research & as soon as I got to know the history & popularity level of the Death Note franchise, I was completely sold on its manga.

Then without wasting any more time, I started reading the manga series on Mangazuki & finished it within a week.

When the manga series came to its end, I realized something. I heard a voice screaming inside me:

3jgukd.png (1920×950)

Then I said to myself –  This is just the start and right away started reading all-time popular manga series.

I finished reading them within a month & once again I was craving for more.

So, I decided to pick up some of the trending manga series.

However, there was some obstacle in the way:

I wasn’t able to access the only manga streaming website I knew – Mangazuki.

That’s when I discovered Mangazuki alternative sites.

Then these sites helped me see a whole new world of manga streaming websites where I can instantly watch trending manga series such as:

  • The Promised Neverland
  • Deadman Wonderland
  • My Hero Academia
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Naruto
Mangazuki Alternative Sites
Mangazuki Alternative Sites

Top Mangazuki Alternative Sites

From a fantasy novel to biography, I never felt bored while reading a manga on Mangazuki.

In case you don’t know Mangazuki was the first website I used to read the manga episodes in real-time.

However, slowly but steadily this website started running out of business, and sometime later it was officially shut down.

But right after the website was closed, its proxy websites were listed on the internet. Here are some of the active ones:


Still, many users can’t access these popular proxy websites.

So, for them, these are some of the top Mangazuki alternative websites.

Let’s get started:


Mangazuki Alternative Sites
Mangazuki Alternative Sites

MangaFox is the first Mangazuki alternative in this list.

Today in 2021, it has renamed its website

When it comes to reading manga online for free, manga is a renowned name.

As far as the website is concerned, it did not just come up with an intuitive user interface, it also lets you download its Android app.

Now, coming back to the website, at the home page, you see three options on the top menu:

  1. Latest updates,
  2. Ranking
  3. Browse.

Below that the home page is divided into two sections:

  • Latest Manga Releases.
  • Hottest mangas are actively being read on the website.

Apart from these two main options, you can also see the rest of the page divided with options such as Bookmarks, History, popular manga by user ratings, manga divided into 40+ genres, and last but not the least, an option to find manga by its initial alphabetic.

After getting these helpful options, be it the Android app or the website itself, you can use the two platforms to Read Manga in some of the popular categories: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy,

The feature list of mangafox doesn’t end here. You even get an option to create an account on the website & its android app. This would be helpful if you want to track your history on the website.

For the account creation process, you can also use your Facebook login details to get into manga Fox.

Now, when it comes to reading your favorite manga, mangafox lets you:

  • Add multiple chapters in the custom Library.
  • Write comments right under in the comment section of a manga chapter. Here, after reading the manga, you can comment down your thoughts for others to read and start a conversation with them.


✅It comes with a huge database of manga.

✅Includes Shoujo and Shounen premium manga series for free.

✅Android app is available.


❎It displays 18+ ads on its website.

❎Not available for IOS devices.

Manga Rock

Mangazuki Alternative Sites
Mangazuki Alternative Sites

MangaRock is the second mangazuki alternative website on this list.

MangaRock is a kind of platform that not only lets you read more manga chapters but also encourages you to publish your original artwork.

Once you have decided to publish your artwork, you can translate it, edit it and drag files all over the website.

In the initial days, this website was primarily used by Japanese followers. However, over the years its mainstream user base has expanded to the United States and all over the Asian countries.

This has happened because of some of the breakout anime shows, such as:

In fact, today, these mangas are released as anime shows of the same name on popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll & more.

Now, talking about the website, it comes with a refreshing user interface.

This type of user interface you rarely see in the free manga streaming websites.

Not just that. I would say, today, you won’t even see much cleaner UI on a premium manga streaming service.

Right when you open the website, you can see that the home page is divided into multiple sections.

Overall, this divide helps in providing better navigation to its online users.

Throughout the website, the first top charts section comes with 3 different options:

  • Top new titles,
  • Top trending now.
  • Most Subscribed.

Further down the line, you can see multiple options such as weekly staff picks and popular manga categories such as Supernatural, fantasy, Action-adventure, webtoons, love stories, Martial arts, fantasy, and hottest updates going on the website.

Apart from that if you want to use this website on your smartphone, then it comes with an Android and iOS based app available on their app stores.

You can download it on your mobile to access the diverse library of Manga Rock.


✅Along with dozens of amazing features, manga rock comes with a revamped user interface and a new name.

✅Manga Rock lets you publish your artwork.

✅It comes with both Android and iOS apps for your smartphones.


❎Even though this website provides timely updates to the new chapters, compared to its peers, it’s a bit delayed.

Manga Panda

Mangazuki Alternative Sites
Mangazuki Alternative Sites

MangaPanda is the third mangazuki alternative in this list.

This particular website comes with a lot of options right on its homepage.

On the top header, there is a search box where you can type in the name of a manga you want to watch. Along with this, you get five of the following options:

  • Bookmark History
  • Latest manga.
  • Hot manga
  • Completed manga.

Below that, you get a complete section of a list of mangas that are running live on the website.

The last section of the home page includes the latest manga releases where you can clearly see a list of manga chapters along with their date and time of the release.


✅It comes with a wide range of manga available on the website.

✅Quite detailed user interface.

✅It lets you bookmark a manga without creating a new account.


❎Annoying display and pop-up ads.

❎The user interface looks quite similar to an unsafe website.


Mangazuki Alternative Sites
Mangazuki Alternative Sites

Comixology is the 4th mangazuki alternative in this list.

This website comes with a collection of over 75,000 Manga comics and graphic novels from creators from all over the world.

The best thing about this website is that its content is not just limited to Japanese manga or Web cartoons.

Here you can even find any top DC, Marvel comic books you want to read.

Not just read, but download and then do whatever you want to do with it offline.

For those of you who don’t know, Comixology is a Website owned by Amazon.

Back in 2014, Amazon purchased Comixology only to enable die-hard manga lovers a common place to hang out.

Ever since then, this has been a favorite pastime place for a lot of manga lovers.

As it is an Amazon-owned platform, it is not a completely free manga reader website.

So, you might be thinking, why in the hell I’ve added this website to the list?

TBH, not everyone likes to read Manga on third-party websites that aren’t safe.

So, for them, Comixology at $5.99 a month is a better alternative.

On top of that, unlike many manga reading websites, here you get access to popular comic books along with a manga series.


✅Completely safe manga streaming website with the trust of Amazon.

✅Collection of over 75,000 Manga comic books. If you don’t want to purchase a premium subscription plan, you can buy the graphic novels manga separately.


Updated manga streaming website.

Once the monthly subscription plan ends, you can’t access or read the comics or graphic novels you were reading.


Mangazuki Alternative Sites
Mangazuki Alternative Sites

Crunchyroll is the 5th mangazuki alternative in this list.

You see, ever since I have started reading manga on these manga streaming websites, I have developed the habit of watching its respective anime series along with it.

So, if you like to watch an anime show along with a manga series, Crunchyroll is one such website that ticks all the checks.

Not just that, today it has become an official source of Anime and manga news from all over the world.

And after watching, reading on Crunchyroll, if you ever feel like you need to do something else you can even play Crunchyroll games to have some extra bit of fun.

With the daily dose of entertainment, Crunchyroll has everything that you desire on a manga reader website or its app.

If you want to read manga on the Crunchyroll app, you can download its latest version from my previous post.


✅Crunchyroll lets you read the latest manga chapters, watch anime episodes, & play Crunchyroll games.

✅It comes with an app for both Android & iOS-based devices.

✅Crunchyroll provides a 1-month of free trial for a new user.


❎To get unlimited access, you must purchase its premium plan.

Final Words

If the mangazuki proxy websites aren’t working in your region, these are some of the top manga alternatives that you can use in 2021.

The 5 mangazuki alternative websites mentioned at the top are quite similar to the original mangazuki website. In case, these 5 websites aren’t enough, you can always go ahead to my previous post to check out some of the top mangastream websites.

That’s all for now.

If you found this post to be helpful then do share it with your friends or someone who loves reading for free.

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