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Here Are Crocodile iPhone Case Choosing Tips from Labodet Store

Crocodile iPhone Case

Different electronic devices became a common part of our lives. It is even hard to imagine a day without a laptop and mobile phone.

So, it is absolutely normal that we wish to keep gadgets functional as long as possible. The best way to achieve this goal is to use covers. Demand creates supply.

However, the variety of propositions on the market can confound. How to choose a deluxe crocodile iPhone case and be sure that it will match all your needs? Here are some useful hints to solve this problem.

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Make Sure That Protective Characteristics are High

As was said previously, the first mission of any case is to save your phone from damages. Original leather has one of the best protection properties among materials used for cover production.

It perfectly saves devices from high humidity, overheating, consequences of falls and beating. However, you must be very attentive when choosing a leather case because many sellers try to sell artificial skin as a natural one.

It is a reason why you should remember key facts of genuine crocodile leather:

  • It is expensive. It is the first sign you can use to verify a reliable producer. Crocodiles are exotic reptiles. Not a lot of people have licenses to grow up and kill them. Also, these animals have a small area of distribution. Due to this, the price of crocodilian hide is high.
  • The pattern is symmetric, but scales have different shapes and sizes. An iPhone case is too small to check these details, but it will be useful for you to know that on the belly, scales are bigger and squarer, while on the sides, they are rounder and smaller. On most things, this gradual transition is seen. If there is no changeover, there is a high chance that it is a fake. Fortunately, Labodet is a trustworthy manufacturer, and even for small items, it uses pieces of skin that show the authenticity of the material. You will receive an Authenticity Certificate with a unique serial number to prove the uniqueness of the product.
  • Feelings. It is impossible to check sensations of the skin if you buy online, but if you make a purchase offline, make sure that leather is soft to touch and thin but elastic.
Crocodile iPhone Case
Crocodile iPhone Case

It seems to be enough to discern genuine crocodile leather iPhone case that will perfectly protect your device.

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Pay Attention to the Outer Look

Apart from protecting your gadget from harm, an ideal case should have a stylish look. Moreover, it must underline the unique style and character of the owner and his/her status.

iPhone cover matters no less than any other accessory you use every day. Thus, when choosing a leather case, you must pay attention to some key points: color and model.

The Labodet store proposes a wide range of tones and their combinations for products. So, you can order one that suits your image. And what about case type, there are also a lot of options:

  • Classic, which protects only the back surface but leaves your screen to be seen easily.
  • With a strap, which is useful for people who work a lot via the phone. With such a case, it is easier to keep a phone in hand.
  • Crossbody frees your hands and allows you to keep the phone near you even if you don’t have a pocket.
  • With a wallet or cardholder, to have documents and money at hand.
  • MagSafe, which gives a chance to have a gadget always with a full battery.
  • Folio and pouch, which protect both back and front surfaces from damages.
Crocodile iPhone Case
Crocodile iPhone Case
Crocodile iPhone Case
Crocodile iPhone Case

We hope these tips would be enough for you to choose a perfect lavish crocodile leather iPhone case that you can buy at the Labodet store.

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