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Windows Shell Experience Host: Fix High CPU Usage [2021]

Windows Shell Experience Host

Windows PC is a complex machine in which hundred’s of processes run in the background (depending on your overall usage).

With normal usage, my PC runs close to 80 processes in the background. However, as soon as the number goes above 100, it starts crumbling down.

No one wants that, right?

Even last time I was having trouble because of WMI Provider Host that hogged up most of  CPU and memory resources. Now once again the same problem.

If you’ve been facing the same problem then there’s nothing you can do to fix such trivial issue permanentaly. Instead, what you can do is try applying some temporary solutions (Just like the last time).

Windows Shell Experience Host
Windows Shell Experience Host

What is ‘Windows Shell Experience Host’ Process?

Before getting rid of this process, it’s important for you to know what this process does in the background.

“Windows Shell Experience Host” is a system-wide application that runs in background to make sure all the universal apps display in a Windowed Interface.

Not only that, it is also responsible for handling some graphical elements of Windows 10 User-Interface. And with the introduction of new visuals in the notification area, calendar of Windows 10 OS, the process requires some extra set of CPU & Memory allocation.

So, whenever you change certain changes in your desktop’s behavior or take your PC to its hardware limits, the software tends to give up on so many occassions. Thereby, making extra requests to the PC.

But what if you don’t want such fancy effects on your PC?

Today, this needs to stop & I believe the next few solutions will help you do that.

3 Windows Shell Experience Host Solutions

These are some of the solutions you need to apply in order to fix high PC usage with Windows Shell Experience Host.

Before you go ahead, the one thing than you need to keep in your mind is trying all these solutins in a sequential order. Now, let’s get started:


Even though this is not a common issue but you can disable it temporarly to see whether this is causing the excessive consumption of CPU & memory processes.

To disable this:

  • First, open Windows 10 settings on your PC.
  • Then head over to Personalinzation>Background & change the bacground from a live Wallpaper to some solid color.

Here, I would recommend you to go with a darker color that is soothing for your eyes. However, if you want to go with a wallpaper, then simply download it from the Wallpaper Engine software & change it yourself (manually).

Now, after disabling the live slideshow, if you notice sudden drop in the overall usage of PC reources then this method has successfully worked for you. And you don’t need to go ahead with the next couple of solutions.


After disabling the live wallpaper slideshow, it’s time to stop Windows from automatically picking an accent color based on the wallpaper set on your Desktop PC.

This option is enabled by DEFAULT & you can disable it by:

  • First, going to your PC Settings.
  • Then opening Personalization > Colors tab. Now, in the list of all the available options,  and turn off the “Automatically pick an accent color from my background” option.

Wait for some time & once again open task manager to see if disablin this has stopped Windows Shell Experience Host from hogging all your PC resources. If it hasn’t, move over to the next solution.


The last thing I would recommend you to do is run SFC scan on your PC. Not only Windows Shell Experience Host, this way you would be able to fix many overlaying issues in your PC. You can run SFC scan by simpy following these steps:

  1. First, press “Windows+R keys together to open the RUN utility then use it to type open Command Prompt by typing CMD into it.
  2. Once the program loads up, give all the necessary administartive rights to it.
    command prompt
  3. Then type in the following command to the command prompt: sfc /scannow
    Sfc scannow
  4. Now, at last, wait for some time patientaly as System File Checker finishes scanning your PC. In case, there’s any existing issue into your PC, SFC scan will tell you about it in the LOG file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Windows Shell Experience Host a Virus?

No. As I said in the beginning of this post, it’s a built-in Windows PC which is 100% safe for you. However, some hackers try to decieve you by delibrately writing a virus or malware with similar names.

Is it possible to disable “Windows Shell Experience Host?”

NO. NEVER. It’s a system process. There’s no way you can disable them. In case, you ‘ve done this inevitable, its supporting programs will start crashing down.

Windows Shell Experience Host is supended in my PC. What should I do?

It looks like the older profile has corrupted. So, in order to make this process once again, you need to re-register the start menu using Powershell.

Final Words

I hope with the solutions mentioned in ths post, you were able to stop Windows Shell Experience Host from hogging all of your PC resources.

However, even after applying all these solutions, you’re unable to move past this problem then do let me know about the exact reason in the comments sections given down below as the last resort for you would be to reset your PC.

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