Footybite Review: Is It Better Than Reddit Soccer Streams?

When it comes to watching live soccer matches, you can find dozens of online streaming websites.

In fact, earlier this month I had listed reddit soccer streams alternative websites.

However, at the time of UEFA Euro Cup 2020 tournament, I got to know about another soccer streaming website Footybite.

And since then I haven’t used any other platform.

Are your still watching live soccer streams on Reddit?

If yes, I feel sorry for you as you’re missing out on many user-friendly features of Footybite.

But don’t worry.

If you’re curious, I’ll share every useful aspects of Footybite & why you should prefer over the third party live soccer streaming websites you already know. Let’s get started:

What Can You Watch at Footybite?

As you already know, Footybite can be used to watch football leagues from all over world. But to be specific, here you can live stream:


✅La Liga

✅Series A



When there are no football matches going on air, you can use the footybite website or app to read latest news, transfer scoops and match predictions to keep your football curosity in check.

And in the meantime, you can also use Footybite as a platform to chat with football fans from all over the world.

5 Reasons to Live Stream Football Matches on Footybite

Website Design

Before I utter even a single word out of my mouth, I would recommend you to first check out other football streaming websites.

Then come back to Footybite and you will instantly notice the difference between the two websites.

I am not boasting. But footybite looks Superior than some of the legit streaming platforms.

From the very first moment when you open the website, you will never realize of it as a third-party Illegal website.

Not even in your dreams.

meme GIFs - Primo GIF - Latest Animated GIFs

I didn’t meant it literally.

Even though the website does display ads on its website, the placement is just perfect.

It never looks annoying to your eyes and always stand out even asking a professional live sports streaming websites.

And most important of all, if you want, you can change the site theme from light to dark instantly. It’s a lifesaver feature for me as I always prefer to have the background in dark color.

Quality Streaming Links

There are many streaming website that lists tons of streaming links.

However, does all of them work?

Now, quite right?

All the links posted on the website comes with its own set of problems. .

The biggest problem I always have on many streaming website is that it automatically runs live stream in HD quality.

However, I don’t want that.

I don’t have a superfast internet connection.

I’m barely surviving on a 10 MB internet connection.

So, how can you expect me to live stream sports in HD quality.

And when I do, I always end up with an endless loop of buffer.

But that’s not the case with Footybite. As I can easily switch the live stream quality from SD to HD and HD to SD.

Even though, footybite does not contain dozens of alternative links. It provides maximum of three Links and all of them work like a charm, without any kind of annoying ads.

Real-Time Update

You are not a legit football fan, if you are not up-to-date with the fixtures or whatever happening in the football world.

I know there are way too many leagues going on everywhere.

So this can be a hell of a task.

Once again footybite comes to your rescue as it provides real-time updates during the match, before the match and after the match.

And when the match is over, footybite presents the match highlights, stats, scores, previews and post-match analysis in a professional manner.

Live Twitter Access

Suppose, you are in a Metro and the network speed is not enough to live stream a footbal match even in SD quality.

So, what would you do in that situation?

I know, I know.

You will go to ESPN or other free football apps.

But tell me why bother when you can keep everything in check right on your cellphone.

You can sort all this out by simply following the twitter handle of Footybite and receive notification as soon as there is any major update in the football World.

Not just that.

They provide every little update happening on their website and app. All you need to do is enable the notification on its Twitter page and you’ll have everything that you need in real-time.

Live Text Commentary

Once again same issue, but smart solution. If your internet speed is slow. Obviously, you can’t live stream a match. If you dare to do so you end up with endless buffering. I already told you that. Didn’t I?

So, the best solution for this this would be open the footybite website and app to read the live commentary getting posted on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Footybite app for android or iOS apps?

At the moment, you can install footybite apk on your android device. Even though, the apk isn’t available on the Google Play Store, you can download its apk file on apkpure. It’s the safest option.

Other than this, I would not recommend you to download the apk from any other third party app stores.

Is footybite gone? I’m unable to open the website on my website. 

The reason why footybite isn’t working on your device is because it’s geolocked because of a ban imposed by your government. But don’t worry. You can unblock the website easily by using a premium VPN service.


Between Footybite vs Reddit Soccer Streams, my favorite choice is and will always be Footybite.

Along with this super important question, I’ve shared my opinion on why you should always use footybite to stream live football matches.

Now, it’s your turn.

Use this website for some time to stream live football matches & experience the difference yourself.

That’s all for now.

If you’ve used this website then do share your experience with me in the comments section given below.