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10 Must-Play Games Like Graveyard Keeper

Games Like Graveyard Keeper

Loved Graveyard Keeper?

Can’t get enough of its unique blend of dark humor, meticulous management, and sandbox-style gameplay?

You’re not alone.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in more games that offer the same level of detail-oriented gameplay and compelling storytelling, you’ve come to the right place.

From the peaceful farming world of Stardew Valley to the challenging survival experience in CryoFall, this article rounds up ten games that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Graveyard Keeper.

So, strap in and prepare for a journey with a list of 10 games like Graveyard Keeper –

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley for Mac
Stardew Valley for Mac

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator with RPG elements. You can marry and have children, explore the world, complete quests and fight monsters.

In addition to growing crops and raising animals on your farm, you can also make friends with other townsfolk who will help you become a successful farmer.

There are many ways to play Stardew Valley; some players prefer building up their farms, while others like exploring every nook and cranny of Pelican Town when they’re not tending their land or their livestock.

Potion Permit

Potion Permit is a pixel art game that takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. The game is set on a remote island where you must survive, gather resources, and craft items.

The main objective of the Potion Permit is to find out why the villagers disappeared from your village and what happened to them.


Kynseed is a 2D sandbox adventure game where you can play as a human, an animal, or a tree.

You explore the world and interact with NPCs (non-playable characters) like villagers and shopkeepers. You can collect items and craft items to use in the game, such as weapons or armor for your character.

You can marry other characters in Kynseed, which isn’t possible in Graveyard Keeper because there aren’t any female options for marriage.

Bear And Breakfast

Bear And Breakfast is a top-down pixel art game. It’s similar to Stardew Valley in that it is a farming simulator with RPG elements, but there are also combat and exploration elements.

You can gather resources, grow crops and livestock on your farm (or buy them from other players), craft items at the blacksmith’s shop or alchemy lab, and earn experience points for completing quests around town!

You’ll need to defend yourself against monsters that appear at night by building fortifications around your house or hiring guards who will protect you while they’re awake (and then go back home when they’re tired).

Bear And Breakfast have an extensive crafting system, so you can make anything from furniture out of wood or stone blocks, which helps ensure every part of your home looks unique from those of other players’ homes!


Littlewood is a game about a small village in the mountains that has fallen into ruin. You are tasked with saving it and rebuilding it. The gameplay is similar to Graveyard Keeper in that you have multiple tasks simultaneously, but you must also manage your villagers’ food, water, and energy levels.

The story revolves around this one character who grew up on an island and never knew anything else until he was taken away by pirates when he was seven years old.

Now he’s back home again, living with his grandfather, who raised him after his parents died in an accident when he was young. They live off farming potatoes because there isn’t much else growing here at such high altitudes—there’s not even enough room for cows!


Terraria is a 2D sandbox game where you can explore, build, and fight through a randomly generated world.

You start with nothing but a sword and some armor, but as you progress through the game, you’ll discover materials like wood, stone, and ore that allow you to craft new items, such as axes for chopping down trees or pickaxes for mining ores.

Enemies, such as slimes, periodically spawn worldwide at night (they don’t spawn during the day).

While they can be killed with your starting equipment, they give off experience points when defeated, allowing players to level up their characters to equip better weapons later in their adventures!

The Sims 4

Sims 4
Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game where you create and control your characters and their lives.

Unlike Graveyard Keeper, The Sims 4 doesn’t have any action-based gameplay. The entire game takes place in a virtual world where you can build houses, design outfits for your characters, or even make them interact with other people in town.

You can also play as multiple Sims at once and switch between them whenever necessary—a feature that’s not available in Graveyard Keeper!

Travellers Rest

Travellers Rest is a game like Graveyard Keeper. It’s also an RPG focusing on building and crafting, though it has many differences from the former. The art style and gameplay are similar, but there are some notable differences between the two games that you should be aware of before playing this game.

Travellers Rest was developed by Double Fine Productions, who also made games like Psychonauts (2005) and Brutal Legend (2009).

The company has been around since 2000, when Tim Schafer founded it after he left LucasArts Entertainment Company due to its sale to Disney Interactive Studios in 1998; they’ve been creating unique titles ever since then!


CryoFall is a survival game, but it’s set in a frozen wasteland. You’ll have to find food and survive the cold as you explore this world. You can build your base and defend it from other players who might try to take over your land.

If you want more action than surviving in a frozen wasteland, CryoFall offers plenty of opportunities for combat with NPCs or other players!

The best part about CryoFall is that there are multiple modes of play: a single-player mode where you choose between first-person or third-person perspective (defaults on a third person), co-op mode, where up to four players can team up together online or locally on one computer/console/android device, etc.

PvP mode, where everyone plays by themselves but can still interact with each other by dropping items into each others’ worlds – this could either be helpful (if someone needs healing) or harmful (if someone wants revenge).

Sun Haven

Sun Haven
Sun Haven

Sun Haven is a farming sim with a dark and mysterious story. You can explore the game world, which is filled with secrets and mysteries, build your own house and farm, grow crops, raise animals, and make friends.

You can also join different factions in Sun Haven to unlock new abilities to help you on your journey through this dangerous land!

Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, while there’s only one Graveyard Keeper, these ten games bring their own unique spin to the genre.

Whether you’re tilling fields in Stardew Valley, surviving in CryoFall, or controlling lives in The Sims 4, each game offers its own immersive world that echoes the engaging and detail-oriented experience you love.

So, don’t just sit there! Start playing these games like Graveyard Keeper and immerse yourself in different worlds, create your own story, and make your mark. There’s a multitude of experiences waiting for you to explore.

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