Lookmovie Alternatives: My Top #3 Picks [2021]

Ever since the pandemic struck, watching movies on OTT platforms has become a new norm.

There is no denying the fact that movie lovers, TV series binge-watchers are available in every part of the world.

Based on the availability and preference, they use different ways to watch their favorite TV shows online.

On one hand, It’s very rare to see a user buying a subscription to every Ott platform available in their region.


Lookmovie Alternatives: My Top #3 Picks [2021] 1

On the other hand, millions of users still enjoy watching content on third-party streaming websites.

In fact, I myself have been looking over such a website for the past few years.

I have already shared my experience with such sites on this blog.

Despite reviewing dozens of similar sites, this blog is missing the mention of a popular third-party video streaming website – Lookmovie.

Back in the day, it was one of the popular sources of watching movies TV series and downloading them on the go.

However, in the last few years, things have changed quite a bit as we have seen dozens of the Lookmovie proxy websites popping up on the Google search.

I can clearly understand If you don’t want to access its proxy websites.

Hell, I won’t even force them on you. So, moving forward, I’ll let down some Lookmovie alternative sites.

So, let’s get started.

Features of Lookmovie

I know I know you are looking for sites that are similar to the Lookmovie, but before I share the list with you, I would like to shed light on some of its touted features.

  • Look movie isn’t just limited to watching TV shows and movies. It lets you even watch anime shows of your choice.
  • Lookmovie comes with powerful servers. So I don’t think you would face any problem when using them on your device.
  • Before watching a movie or TV series episode on Lookmovie, It shares the synopsis of the movie or TV series you’re expecting to watch on the website.
  • You can use Lookmovie to watch both dubbed and subbed shows and movies right on your display screen.
  • If you think the following features meet your needs of watching third-party movies and TV shows. Then you can use either of its proxy websites to start watching Videos online.

3 Best Lookmovie Alternatives


Losmovies is the first Lookmovie alternatives in this list.

It’s a feature-packed third-party video streaming website that offers every type of streaming content on its website completely free.

Basically, it’s the only website you need to fulfill your daily streaming needs.

In terms of site navigation, it’s quite similar to Lookmovie as you can quickly jump from one menu to the other.

The similarity between the two platforms doesn’t end there. Once you’re on it, you’ll find dozens of similarities. Despite, all this, it’s not like everything is perfect with losmovies.

It has got some differences and the major one being as the type of servers Lookmovie had to offer.

On one hand, Lookmovie alternatives come with a rock-solid and powerful server whereas Losmovies believe in listing dozens of servers as an option to make sure you never run out of streaming Screen.


Onemovies is the second Lookmovie alternatives on this list.

To be honest, I have not been using this website for quite a long as I discovered it quite recently in my quest of finding the safest third-party streaming platform.

By safest, I mean you would not see any kind of intrusive ads, pop-ups, redirects loading from this website. Therefore, providing a seamless experience at no cost.

There are many similarities between onemovies.

After using onemovies for the last few months, I have realized some similarities between the two streaming platforms.

Similar to Lookmovies, 1movies lets you watch Unlimited movies, TV series episodes, completely free.

There is a reason why I could stick to lookmovies for so many years without writing about annoying ads.

With no ads available on desktop, on your PC, on the website, or its video player, you can seamlessly navigate from one part of the website to the other quite easily.


Cartooncrazy is the third lookmovie alternatives on this list. Along with movies and TV shows, Lookmovies also lets you watch anime shows on its website.

If that’s the case, how could I leave out Cartooncrazy?

There’s no way to leave it as It regularly ad one of my favorite anime streaming websites cartooncrazy,

Even though this website is in direct competition with popular anime streaming websites, such as 9Anime, gogoanime.

However, despite all this, I’ve found some similarities between them to explain why I have included this website on this list of lookmovie alternatives.

There are dozens of online websites where it’s not that easy to switch the video quality from 720p to 360p or increase it from 360p to all the way to 1080p.

However, similar to lookmovies, with cartoon crazy, you can easily change the video quality. Then it doesn’t matter which server you are using.

When I was looking for cartooncrazy, I had found yet another similarity between the two websites.
However, this similarity rarely gets reported.

You see cartoon crazy is accessible not just to PC, smartphone users but also surprisingly to the Kodi device installed on your television.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Lookmovie on my device?

It’s not the first time I’m saying this, but Look movies is quite similar to one of the safest websites you will see on the Internet.

It does not provide any kind of annoying ads on its website.

Whenever I try to access lookmovies on my PC, what should I do if a particular proxy website is blocked in your region?

Well, in this case, I would recommend you to use a premium VPN service to change your location to the USA or someplace else where you are allowed to use third-party video streaming websites.

Final words

Even though you would find many similarities between lookmovies and its alternative sites you would find on the internet.

Still, I would recommend you to go ahead and use lookmovie proxy websites to get the seamless experience that you used to get when watching movies, TV shows, and Anime episodes on the original lookmovie website.

That is all for now.
If you have got any questions for me regarding Lookmovie or its alternative sites, then do share that with me in the comment section given below.

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